Khan for LSAT

Khan for LSAT Khan academy and LSAC (creators of the LSAT) have joined forces to create free LSAT prep material on Khan academy that will include thousands of real, retired, LSAT questions. Full Article

LSAT follows GMAT Goes Digital

LSAT follows GMAT Goes Digital Suspiciously soon after the GMAT (and GRE) were brought into the law school admissions test circle of trust, the LSAT, reigning emperor of law school entrance exams, is adding convenience features for test takers. July 2019 will usher in the era of digital LSAT. Full Article

GMAT for Law School

GMAT now accepted at the University of Pennsylvania Law School That's right. The GRE isn't the only entrance exam testing new horizons. The GMAT is now accepted for law school admissions at Upenn. Full Article

8 reasons you must take GRE over GMAT

The GMAT is the de-facto business school test and is outright preferred by at least some admissions officials. But 92% of schools accept the GRE and the percent of people admitted to top business schools with GRE scores is rising Full Article

New GMAT Prep Software Out Now!

It's a little late coming two weeks after the test itself changed but finally GMAC has released the new version of the GMAT prep software to align with the new, shorter GMAT. Here's an essential FAQ: Full Article

GMAT Now Shorter

We've seen a host of changes to the GMAT over the past bunch of years as the GMAT and GRE butt heads over MBA admissions test dominance. The new GMAT which came into effect April 16th will be 30 minutes shorter. Full Article