GMAT Tutor Bios

GMAT Tutor Bios

Dedicated teachers with years of teaching or tutoring experience and stellar test scores trained from the ground up by Andrew Geller to be amongst the best of the best GMAT tutors on the planet.

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andrew geller gmat tutor nyc

A full time GMAT tutor and test preparation expert, Andrew Geller has spent the last decade helping MBA hopefuls reach their GMAT goals. In 2013 he founded Atlantic GMAT, the culmination of everything he learned teaching for several big and small test preparation companies in NYC.

Always with the desire to be the best and to help his students to the max, Andrew has developed a customized and obsessively organized tutoring system along with a set of proprietary GMAT materials to provide an innovative learning process with every single day of GMAT preparation planned from Day 1 to GMAT success.

This granular organization is one of the defining features of the Atlantic GMAT tutoring program and is a key component to the company’s success in consistently coaching future MBAs to improved GMAT scores.

Andrew has earned a 780 on the test and a string of other 99th percentile GMAT scores.

Recent Google Reviews
The way he structures the tutoring content is also incredibly helpful; instead of forcing you to re-learn every math concept that the test may throw at you, he makes sure you only focus on the most important things.


The personalized study plan he developed really helped me to focus on improving the areas where I was struggling. During our sessions, I was always impressed by how he clearly and simply explained even the most complex solutions.


The bespoke lesson planning, trove of study material, and friendly nature of the Atlantic GMAT team are well worth the (competitively priced) cost.


He had just the right tricks to help me boost my verbal score, especially the CR section, which was my weakest point. I couldn’t believe I was scoring in the top 6% in my verbal after a month and a half.


I really appreciated Andrew’s approach – it didn’t feel gimmicky and reliant on “strategies.” It was just about learning the key material, not overthinking, and practicing good habits.

-Anonymous GMAT Student

luke gmat tutoring bio

Luke has been helping people demolish standardized tests since 2002. Initially focusing on the TOEFL and other English language related exams, Luke has spent the past 3 years focused exclusively on the GMAT logging over 2000 hours of tutoring and dozens of successful preparations.

In this time he has had remarkable success helping future MBAs boost their GMAT scores. Regardless of whether the goals are big or extra big, he looks at every new GMAT assignment as a collaboration in which he strives to provide incredible value through a customized and highly organized approach to tutoring.

Although he is an exceptionally empathetic and upbeat teacher, Luke has a 0% BS attitude and will push you to be your best.

Recent Google Reviews
“My work with Luke was completely different than the work I had previously done with my other tutor. Luke (and the Atlantic GMAT program) helped me understand the test in a brand new way.”


“Luke and Andrew went above and beyond to answer emails promptly and keep me on track”


“I worked with Luke, and he was exceptional…and made the daunting task of studying a little less painful.”


“I had a great experience working with Luke. He is very well organized and always upbeat. “

– Henry

“I can confidently say I was only able to get my 700+ score because of Luke’s encouragement and willingness to adapt the schedule as needed when things were especially out of balance.”

-NU (Anonymous Student)

gmat tutor bio matt

In about a month of self-study Matt earned a 770 on the GMAT with a 50 on the quant and a 46 on the verbal, ringing in above the 99th percentile on his first attempt. It’s not a surprise that he has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Yale and is currently working in artificial intelligence.

Having spent 5 years in the trenches helping university students pass calculus, Matt is a steady, patient, and organized teacher certain to get your GMAT house in order. His laid back style makes it easy to learn from him.

Although a math whiz, Matt is just as comfortable helping with the most challenging GMAT quant as he is solidifying fundamentals. No slouch at verbal, he was the editor of The Yale Record, one of the oldest undergraduate publications in the country.

Recent Google Reviews:

“Matt helped me improve my score by 150 points! Atlantic’s content combined with Matt’s ability to explain difficult concepts and provide useful problem solving strategies made all the difference.”


“Matt was extremely positive and encouraging when I needed an extra boost, and his knowledge of quant topics is masterful, which is exactly what I needed to boost my score.”

-Manas (670 to 720)

In two months, Matt A. helped me increase my score by 100 points to reach my goal score! I had previously used a self-study course but it did not translate into an increased score or consistent results.


I had a wonderful experience with Atlantic GMAT! Matt was a great teacher and resource during my studying.


I worked with Matt over the course of almost three months and was able to achieve my “reach goal” score – from day one, the daily work and weekly lessons/check-ins helped me hone my abilities.


Matt, was incredibly personable and stuck with me over an extended journey to get me to a 730!!