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Welcome to Atlantic GMAT tutoring! My name is Andrew Geller and I am a full time private GMAT tutor with 10+ years of experience teaching the GMAT for big and small test prep companies in NYC and online. Whether you want to have a few sessions to put some polish on the end of your GMAT preparation, start preparing for the GMAT from scratch, or just want to find out about GMAT tutoring give me a call!

Deciding on your GMAT tutor is a tough decision - if you are thinking about hiring me (or any tutor) you may want to set up a consultation first to see if there is a good match. Got teaching skills? We're hiring: GMAT Tutoring Jobs

GMAT Tutoring Sessions

  • Organization: It took a few years of being a GMAT tutor to realize that it didn't matter what GMAT magic I taught my students if they didn't get their homework done in an organized way. So I make a GMAT schedule that has every single homework assignment and practice test planned out until your GMAT. This is a custom schedule created specifically for you. A great part of our success is due to this planning which makes it so we have a huge influence on your studying even outside of the tutoring sessions. As far as I know, no-one else provides this massive level of organization.
  • A flexible and patient GMAT tutoring approach: I teach a huge variety of people from Americans with liberal arts backgrounds struggling with the GMAT Quant to Indian engineers who rock the Quant but find the GMAT reading comprehension rather difficult. I am a GMAT tutor because I enjoy taking on new challenges. Whatever your GMAT issues are I will figure out a creative way to help you achieve your GMAT and MBA goals.
  • GMAT Expertise: GMAT tutoring is my full time job. I have done GMAT tutoring for several different prep companies big and small. I study and contribute to the GMAT forums: GMAT Club and Beat the GMAT. I am always up to date with the newest GMAT resources and have an excellent storehouse of Atlantic GMAT only GMAT tutoring materials.

GMAT Tutoring in New York vs. GMAT Tutoring Online

Atlantic GMAT tutoring is based in NYC but about half of my GMAT tutoring students are from other countries and another fourth of my students come from other states in the USA: I do the vast majority of my GMAT tutoring online. I wouldn't have predicted this 5 years ago but video-conference has gotten so good that at this point I notice zero difference between my online GMAT sessions and my NYC ones. Actually, in my mind, online classes have the edge.  For a broader discussion of online GMAT tutoring you might want to have a look at this article: Online GMAT Tutor. If you would like to chat about whether online GMAT tutoring is a good fit for you then just send us a note (

GMAT Schedules

We have created a GMAT Self-Study 11 week GMAT schedule.  This is not the same as the GMAT tutoring schedules that I make for my students but it still is going to be a comprehensive, daily GMAT schedule including assignments from all of the official GMAT materials, LSAT Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension practice, and extra challenging Quant from GMATClub and Manhattan GMAT. This GMAT schedule is aimed at supporting students who want 700+ GMAT scores but can also provide guidance for a range of GMAT self-studiers. The first few weeks of the schedule would also be great to get you started so that you have an understanding of the GMAT basics before hiring a tutor.

Have GMAT Prep questions?

I have answered many common/uncommon GMAT Prep questions in the GMAT FAQ and the GMAT Blog.  Still have a GMAT Prep or GMAT tutoring question?  Give us a call (347 669-3545) or send over an email ( Terms of Service



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