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Welcome to Atlantic GMAT! Led by test prep expert Andrew Geller, Atlantic is a team of dedicated private GMAT tutors with years of experience teaching the GMAT in NYC and online.

-Unique materials created to match our GMAT tutoring syllabus

-Custom GMAT HW schedules with every day of your GMAT planned

-Lesson based tutoring sessions (not QA)

Our tutoring program has helped countless MBA hopefuls reach their GMAT goals. Go here to sign up for a GMAT tutoring consultation or read on for more info on the tutoring process. 

Atlantic GMAT tutors

Andrew Geller
Andrew has spent the past decade coaching future MBAs to GMAT success. In 2013 he launched Atlantic GMAT private tutoring, the sum of everything he had learned as a GMAT tutor for several big and small test prep companies in New York. Andrew has scored in the 99th percentile of the GMAT three times and in the 98th percentile on the LSAT. GMAT Tutor Bios

Luciano Lapa
One of the best GMAT private tutors on the planet, Luciano has logged over 2000 hours of GMAT tutoring spanning dozens of successful preparations. He is a career educator who has been helping people demolish standardized tests since 2002. Starting off with English language proficiency exams, since 2015 Luciano has focused exclusively on the GMAT. GMAT Tutor Bios

Matthew Abuzalaf
Before joining Atlantic, Matt spent 5 years in the tutoring trenches helping university students pass calculus. He has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Yale and scored a 770 on the GMAT. A math whiz, Matt is just as comfortable tackling the most challenging quant puzzles as he is working through quant fundamentals. GMAT Tutor Bios

Tom Obrien
A seasoned tutor, Tom has helped students crack standardized tests all over the globe. While working for a tutoring company in Dubai, he successfully prepared scores of ivy league hopefuls for the ACT and SAT with multiple students achieving the 99th percentile. Since returning to NYC, he has continued this success at Atlantic GMAT tutoring the GMAT and GRE on which he scored 760 and 170/168 respectively.

How to book a consultation: GMAT Tutoring Consultation. Got teaching skills? We're looking for the best GMAT private tutors in NYC and beyond: hiring GMAT tutors.

GMAT Tutoring Sessions

  • GMAT Expertise: Over a decade of tutoring the GMAT in NYC, Andrew Geller gathered all the bits and pieces that worked, threw out the rest, and refined and added to what was left to develop the Atlantic GMAT method. A contributing writer to Poets and Quants and a consistent presence on GMAT Club and Beat the GMAT, Andrew is one of the most experienced GMAT tutors in the world.
  • Organization: We make a GMAT schedule that has every single homework assignment and practice test planned out until your test. It's a custom schedule that adapts as you progress through the tutoring program. A great part of our success is due to this planning which makes it so we have a huge influence on your studying even outside of GMAT tutoring sessions.
  • A flexible and patient GMAT tutoring approach: we teach a huge variety of people from New Yorkers with liberal arts backgrounds struggling with the GMAT Quant to Indian engineers who rock the Quant but find the GMAT reading comprehension rather difficult. As GMAT tutors we enjoy taking on new challenges. Whatever your GMAT issues are we’ll figure out a creative way to help you achieve your GMAT and MBA goals.
  • Technology (a little): The GMAT is a computer adaptive test administered on a computer. So 99% of your GMAT homework will also be done on a computer, timed, and in a quiz format. Years of refining and thousands of hours of work has resulted in a learning management system perfectly paired to our GMAT tutoring process that is immensely comprehensive and unique. 

GMAT Tutoring in NY vs. Online

Atlantic GMAT tutoring is based in NYC but about half of our private tutoring students are from other countries. Another fourth come from other states in the USA. We do the vast majority of our GMAT tutoring online. We have refined our online tutoring to the point that we notice zero difference between GMAT prep in NYC and online. Actually: online classes have the edge. Want to chat about whether online GMAT tutoring is a good fit for you? Send us a note (

GMAT Schedules

We have created a GMAT Self-Study 11 week GMAT schedule.  This is not the same as the GMAT tutoring schedules that we make for our GMAT tutoring students. Still, it's in the same vein and is going to be a comprehensive, daily GMAT schedule including assignments from all of the official GMAT materials, the LSAT, and extra challenging Quant from GMATClub and Manhattan GMAT. Aiming for 700+? This schedule is for you. It can also guide a range of GMAT self-studiers but beware: it is challenging.

Have GMAT Tutoring questions?

We have answered many common/uncommon GMAT tutoring and general GMAT prep questions in the GMAT FAQ and the GMAT Blog. Still have a GMAT Prep or GMAT tutoring question? Give us a call at 347 669-3545, send over an email to, or mail us a postcard to NYC!

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