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Are you just getting started with GMAT preparation, is your GMAT score stuck, or do you want to improve an already fantastic result?

We are GMAT tutors with years of experience providing customized, creative, and nuanced GMAT preparation in NYC and online.

Built over a decade of GMAT tutoring in New York by test prep expert Andrew Geller, our program offers the best GMAT prep possible.

That doesn’t mean easy.

We are brutally honest and will hold you accountable to put in the brain power and sweat equity to earn a remarkable GMAT score.

Our GMAT Tutoring System Offers:

-Customized daily GMAT study schedules with every day of your GMAT planned including all HW, practice tests, Official GMATs, and even GMAT retakes 

Structured lesson based sessions purpose built for 1:1 private tutoring 

Best of the best in-house only GMAT prep materials leveraging Official GMAT and LSAT questions 

We are five expert GMAT tutors who care about your success and will challenge you to be your best from start to finish.

Our tutoring program has helped countless MBA hopefuls reach their GMAT goals.

Schedule a GMAT Tutoring Consultation or read on for more on how we approach GMAT preparation.

Atlantic GMAT Tutors

Atlantic GMAT Tutors
GMAT Tutors Andrew Geller, Luciano Lapa, and Matthew Abuzalaf

We are GMAT prep experts and amongst the best GMAT tutors in the industry. We are great test takers. But that’s not enough to make YOU the best. More importantly we are team players and adept communicators focusing not only on making you a master of exam content but also providing you the structure and accountability that you’ll need to succeed on your GMAT.

Andrew Geller
Andrew has spent the past decade coaching future MBAs to GMAT success. In 2013 he launched Atlantic GMAT private tutoring, the sum of everything he had learned as a GMAT tutor for several big and small test prep companies in New York. Andrew has scored in the 99th percentile of the GMAT four times and in the 98th percentile on the LSAT. GMAT Tutor Bios

Luciano Lapa
One of the best GMAT private tutors on the planet, Luciano has logged over 2000 hours of GMAT tutoring spanning dozens of successful preparations. He is a career educator who has been helping people demolish standardized tests since 2002. Starting off with English language proficiency exams, since 2015 Luciano has focused exclusively on GMAT tutoring. GMAT Tutor Bios

Matthew Abuzalaf
Before joining Atlantic, Matt spent 5 years in the tutoring trenches helping university students pass calculus. He has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Yale and scored a 770 on the GMAT and a near perfect 170v 169q on the GRE. A math whiz, Matt is just as comfortable tackling the most challenging quant puzzles as he is working through quant fundamentals. GMAT Tutor Bios

Tom Obrien
A seasoned tutor born and raised in New York City, Tom has helped students crack standardized tests all over the globe. While working for a tutoring company in Dubai, he successfully prepared scores of ivy league hopefuls for the ACT and SAT with multiple students achieving the 99th percentile. Since returning to tutoring in NYC, he has continued this success at Atlantic GMAT teaching the GMAT and GRE on which he scored 760 (twice) and 170/168 (twice) respectively.

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GMAT Tutoring Sessions

GMAT Expertise: Over a decade of tutoring the GMAT in NYC, Andrew Geller gathered all the bits and pieces that worked, threw out the rest, and refined and added to what was left to develop the Atlantic GMAT tutoring method. A contributing writer to Poets and Quants and a consistent presence on GMAT Club and Beat the GMAT, Andrew is one of the most experienced GMAT tutors in the world.

-Organization: Our tutors and system are extremely organized. We make a GMAT schedule that has every single homework assignment and practice test planned out until your test. It’s a custom schedule that adapts as you progress through the tutoring program. A great part of our success is due to this planning which makes it so we have a huge influence on your studying even outside of GMAT tutoring sessions.

-A flexible and patient GMAT tutoring approach: we teach a huge variety of people from New Yorkers with liberal arts backgrounds struggling with the GMAT Quant to Indian engineers who rock the Quant but find the GMAT reading comprehension rather difficult. As GMAT tutors we enjoy taking on new challenges. Whatever your GMAT issues are we’ll figure out a creative way to help you achieve your GMAT and MBA goals. 

-Technology (a little): The GMAT is a computer adaptive test administered on a computer. So 99% of your GMAT homework will also be done on a computer, timed, and in a quiz format. Years of refining and thousands of hours of work has resulted in a learning management system that pairs to our GMAT tutoring process. 

Why hire a GMAT tutor?

Why Hire a GMAT Tutor?

Working with a GMAT tutor is a team effort that requires hard work (a lot of it) and dedication to the process from both tutor and student. So even if you hire the best of the best GMAT tutor, a lot of your success is going to depend on your commitment to studying diligently. That said, a tutor can help focus that work, keep your study time as efficient as possible, and provide accountability, to ensure that you’re staying high quality with your preparation.

In addition, because there are a gazillion GMAT resources out there, a GMAT tutor can provide structure, arranging those resources in a way that tends to produce the best results. If your GMAT score is stuck a tutor can help diagnose the issue. A GMAT tutor can also help you set expectations properly so that you leave enough time to have decent shot at your GMAT goal given MBA admissions deadlines.

Atlantic GMAT Tutoring NYC and Online

What makes Atlantic GMAT Tutoring different?

Structuring your time in between sessions

We noticed early on that some of our tutoring students had questionable study habits. No matter how great the tutoring sessions the content just wasn’t being consolidated. That lead to inconsistent results. Even the solid studiers had room for improvement. So we started structuring the time between sessions.

After a bunch of experimentation we settled on simply planning every single day to make sure that the GMAT HW was being done exactly as we thought it should be.

Organized HW site to make practice more efficient and more like test day

GMAT HW is difficult enough so we’ve put a ton of time and effort into organizing our HW resources. You can access them online so no heavy books and have formatted them as timed quizzes so most of what you’ll be doing will have the feel of a test.

We focus nearly 100% on Official GMAT questions but we’ve categorized them to work with our GMAT tutoring program. Again, of course hiring a GMAT tutor is about learning the test but, at least at Atlantic, it’s also about getting the most out of your time and effort outside of tutoring sessions.

LSAT? Yep. We said best GMAT prep and we mean it!

In terms of resources we also have a specialized LSAT for GMAT curriculum aimed at boosting GMAT verbal scores to the 99th percentile. We’re big believers in improving verbal even if it’s a strength and have the firepower to enable that progress.

Most people need more than one GMAT attempt. Yes!: we plan for retakes and incorporate them into the overall timeline.

All of the above is pretty granular. But, the big picture also matters. We noticed that a good chunk of our clients needed more than one exam to hit their target, especially if going for either a big improvement or a massive score. With that in mind we started refining a system for planning out multiple GMATs, setting waypoints leading to the final goal. So for every GMAT tutoring student we’ve got a roadmap outlining the shape of the entire preparation.

Again, we’re not a “get out of GMAT studying free and still collect your 700+ score”. But, we do have a very thoughtful way of approaching GMAT tutoring.

Why is Atlantic GMAT Tutoring Different?

What makes Atlantic GMAT Tutors different?

Our GMAT tutors aren’t just smart people who do well on tests. They’ve learned how to communicate content in a down to earth way and to organize and motivate others.

We look for tutors who are team players. Who are positive but at the same time straightforward and consequential. We look for people who aren’t afraid to hold you accountable and who are willing to make unpopular decisions (requesting that a client push a test farther out or take a break from studying to refocus) in order give the best chance possible of GMAT success.

Of course, our GMAT tutors teach GMAT content and strategy but, at the same time, equally importantly, they also manage your entire GMAT preparation.

GMAT Tutor Online

GMAT Tutoring in NY vs. Online

Atlantic GMAT tutoring is based in NYC but about half of our private tutoring students are from other countries. Another fourth come from other states in the USA. We do the vast majority of our GMAT tutoring online. We have refined our online tutoring to the point that we notice zero difference between GMAT prep in NYC and online. Actually: online classes have the edge. Want to chat about whether online GMAT tutoring is a good fit for you? Here’s an in depth page on doing GMAT tutoring online.

GMAT Study Schedule

GMAT Schedules

We have created a GMAT Self-Study 11 week GMAT schedule.  This is not the same as the GMAT tutoring schedules that we make for our GMAT tutoring students. Still, it’s in the same vein and is going to be a comprehensive, daily GMAT schedule including assignments from all of the official GMAT materials, the LSAT, and extra challenging Quant from GMATClub and Manhattan GMAT. Aiming for 700+? This schedule is for you. It can also guide a range of GMAT self-studiers but beware: it is challenging.

Have GMAT Tutoring questions?

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