Amazing GMAT Tutoring Jobs for outstanding teachers (apply!) 

Company: Atlantic GMAT provides the best GMAT preparation in the universe. We have a creative, thoughtful, and refined curriculum with a massive trove of in-house only study materials and an extreme emphasis on organization: the entire preparation, every HW assignment, review session, and practice test, planned from day 1 to test day.  Our motto is 100% GMAT, 0% BS and we mean it!

Job: Looking for rewarding, challenging, and flexible part time work that provides full time pay? You're in the right place! We’re recruiting remarkable teachers to join us in helping people annihilate the GMAT! Teaching experience is a must. GMAT experience is great but not necessary. Writing skills are a plus as we also run a blog and would be delighted to have you contribute. We focus predominantly on one-on-one online (no commute!) GMAT preparation but there may be opportunities for teaching other tests, blog writing, curriculum development, and business development. Training is paid and takes about 2 months.

Pay: Starting out you'll earn $80/h (including bonuses) and as you gain experience that can grow to $140/h (aim for 3 years out) or more.

Here is the GMAT Tutoring application

Application Requirements

Demonstrated ability in teaching

  • You'll need solid teaching skills. We'll sharpen them during training but you must have the fundamentals in place. The experience doesn’t have to be in test preparation. If you have no teaching experience feel free to explain why you’d still be a great candidate.

Awesome standardized testing skills

  • Ideally you’ve scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. But to get the ball rolling we are happy to consider any stellar test scores or compelling reasons why you would be a great candidate.

10 Hour per week commitment for the foreseeable future

  • Do you have to sign a contract in blood? No. But we’re looking for people who want an amazing part-time job for the long term. If you’re looking for a short term/in between kind of gig this isn’t it. You’ll likely need weeknight and/or weekend availability (EST). You can control your schedule. That’s one of the astounding things about this job. But, there are certain times during which most tutoring happens.

Unwavering commitment to be the best

  • We’re not the biggest. We’re not the most well known. But we are the best. We do everything (within reason) to be the #1 provider of GMAT tutoring. We have dozens of legitimate 5 star google reviews that come from an extremely refined system of organized studying, an unparalleled set of in-house materials, and, of course, teachers who bring all of this to life. Your commitment to quality is critical. It is your level of excellence that motivates students to perform superhuman GMAT feats. 

Interested? Perfect! Here is the GMAT Tutoring application


Atlantic GMAT

405 East 51st St.

NY, NY 10022

(347) 669-3545