GMAT Consultations are a Good Thing!

Before investing your hard earned cash in GMAT preparation speak directly to the potential GMAT tutor or teacher who will be teaching your class. This will give you an idea of what to expect and give you a sense for the person you are hiring. Email communication and websites are great for providing certain types of information but when it comes down to teaching ability and getting a real sense for someones's GMAT game plan go ahead and schedule a call. This is important stuff - take your time with the decision. Having a thorough GMAT consultation is the first step towards getting the best GMAT preparation possible.

GMAT Consultation Process

1. Send an email to including a brief summary of what your GMAT prep has been so far:

Have you taken a class or had any tutoring?

What GMAT materials have you used?

Any Official GMATs or Official GMAT practice test scores (with Quant/Verbal breakdown)?

What are your deadlines?

What's your score goal?

2. We'll sketch out a rough plan over email including an estimate of tutoring hours and provide some potential times for a call.

3. Consultation to discuss the plan, walk you through the tutoring process, answer any questions, and see if this is a good fit.

4. GMAT Success!



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