GMAT Consultations are a Good Thing!

Before investing your hard earned cash speak directly to your potential GMAT tutor. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the service and a sense for the person you are hiring. Email communication and websites are great for providing certain types of information, especially technical stuff, but to see if there's a meeting of the minds it's best to schedule a call. This is important stuff - take your time with the decision. Having a thorough GMAT consultation is the first step towards getting the best GMAT preparation possible. Before your consultation you might want to check out these pages: GMAT Tutoring, FAQ, and GMAT Tutor Bios.

GMAT Consultation Process

1. Send an email to including a brief summary of what your GMAT prep has been so far:

Have you taken a class or had any tutoring?

What GMAT materials have you used?

Any Official GMATs or Official GMAT practice test scores (with Quant/Verbal breakdown)?

What are your deadlines?

What's your score goal?

2. We'll provide a rough tutoring plan including an estimate of tutoring hours and suggest a tutor (GMAT tutor bios).

3. Then we'll schedule a consultation to discuss the plan in more depth, walk you through the tutoring process, answer any questions, and see if this is a good fit.

4. GMAT Success!


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