GMAT Tutoring – Rates & Fine Print Studying for the GMAT is a challenge enough so we’re trying to keep the fine print to a minimum. Hopefully we cover all the bases.

Rates/Payment (valid from January 1st 2024):

    • All tutoring with Andrew, Luciano, Tom, Matt, or Gunnar (GMAT Focus Edition, GRE, Executive Assessment, in person, and virtual sessions) is billed at $360/h. Teachers in training are billed at $220/h. We don’t always have someone training but feel free to ask. We don’t offer discounts or any kind of tutoring packages.
    • Andrew is generally booked 4-6 weeks in advance. Luciano/Matt/Tom/Gunnar 3-5 weeks in advance. During the extra busy season (May-December) add a week or two to your planning. If you have a flexible schedule it’s possible that we can start sooner. We do our absolute best to get you going as soon as possible but please: plan early:)! More lead time = easier to schedule, easier to plan, and potentially cheaper GMAT preparation. 
    • We bill either in full or monthly. For monthly billing, estimated invoices are issued on the 10th of the current month (for the upcoming month’s sessions), confirmed by the 15th, and then due by the 20th. We do not offer weekly invoicing or invoicing by session. To get started with sessions we require an initial 6 hour payment which is the minimum number of hours we require to work with you on your GMAT preparation.
    • All tutoring hours are 100% refundable as long as any remaining sessions on the calendar are cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellation and rescheduling must also be done with 24 hours notice. There are no exceptions to this 24hrs.
    • Refunds are calculated and issued at the next billing cycle. For example, if you’re done with tutoring on November 10th your refund would be calculated and processed on Nov. 10th.
    • For some preparations we start with a guided self study. We charge a flat fee of $225 for pre-tutoring schedules of up to 3 weeks. This includes a custom schedule and access to materials.
    • After completing a tutoring program we charge a flat $200 for access to materials and for GMAT re-take schedules of up to 4 weeks. Besides retake schedules, Atlantic materials are only available to active tutoring students with a positive number of tutoring hours and confirmed sessions.
    • Standard tutoring sessions are either 2 hours or 90 minutes. At the start of a preparation 2 hours or 2×90 minute sessions per week tend to work really well because there’s a bunch of content to get through and meeting twice a week is very helpful for building up momentum and providing a high level of accountability. Down the stretch, once you are in the rhythm of studying with us, we we may switch to 60 minutes sessions as we focus less on new content and more on review and consolidation. For re-takes we usually do 60min sessions (or no tutoring at all) because the focus is entirely on application/review.
    • For invoicing we use Zoho Books. We accept and strongly prefer simple ACH bank transfer as that method has no transaction fees for anyone. We can accept most major credit and debit cards but those come along with a processing fee (3%). We do not accept cash or checks.

Cancellation Policy

This is tough but we have to be pretty strict on this. Sessions are 100% refundable if cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. Sessions are not refundable if cancelled inside of 24 hours. No exceptions.

Arriving on time

  • We generally arrive five minutes early. Please take advantage of the extra time.
  • Regardless of when you arrive, tutoring sessions always end at the scheduled time. Extending a session negatively affects my other sessions either by creating scheduling conflicts for other students or by simply not giving me a chance to eat lunch:)

If you have any other questions check out the GMAT FAQ  or feel free to send us a note at