The Executive Assessment is a relatively new test for admission to Executive MBA programs worldwide. Because it is so fresh there are a lot of questions out there regarding the test format, questions, scoring, difficulty level, how it compares to the GMAT and GRE, and many others. We’re starting an Executive Assessment FAQ right here that we’ll be continuously updating with more relevant EA information. Feel free to comment with any questions!

What are the Executive Assessment Score Percentiles?

GMAC hasn’t released Executive assessment score percentiles. However, they have noted that a 150 is equivalent to the 50th percentile. A 150 also seems to be the score you need to meet or exceed for most EMBA programs.

Where can I find Executive Assessment Test Practice Questions?

You can find all Executive Assessment practice questions here:

Is the Executive Assessment easier than the GMAT?

Yes. Much easier. It covers less content than the GMAT and Executive Assessment questions are for the most part easier than GMAT questions. Here’s a bit more on Executive Assessment vs GMAT.

How long is the Executive Assessment?

The Executive Assessment is 90 minutes long (3×30 minutes sections)

Any suggestions on Executive Assessment prep?

I would prep for the Executive Assessment as I would for the GMAT with a couple of changes:

  1. Skip geometry and higher level questions. The EA really focuses on meat and potatoes.
  2. Don’t aim for perfection. We’re really going for the good enough score. So find out what that is for your target schools and aim to surpass that by a bit.
  3. On GMAT you can’t skip around but you can on the EA so practice skipping around HW to develop good habits.

What’s the GMAT executive assessment score range?

GMAC claims the total EA score range is from 120-180 but in actuality you can’t score higher than a 174 (150 is considered “good enough” for most EMBA programs). You also receive section scores from 1-20 on IR, Verbal, and Quant. However, in practice 18 is the highest score you can earn on any of the sections.

Where can I find Executive Assessment practice tests?

You can find all the official Executive Assessment practice tests here:

Where can I find Executive Assessment Test Practice Questions?

You can find free EA quant practice questions here:

Free verbal EA practice questions here:

Free IR EA practice questions here:

Here are all official Executive Assessment test practice questions.

Executive MBA GMAT or Executive Assessment?

Provided that all of the schools you’re applying to accept it I’d take the Executive Assessment over the GMAT. It’s easier and requires less study time. Here’s a list of schools that accept the Executive Assessment

Do MBA programs see all of my Executive Assessment tests or can I send just my best score?

The Executive Assessment has score choice so you can just send your best score.

How do you I reschedule an Executive Assessment?

You can reschedule your EA here. Rescheduling your Executive Assessment is FREE 48+ hours ahead of your test and $75 within 24-48hrs. Within 24hrs you cannot reschedule.

Can I cancel my Executive Assessment? 

Yes, you can cancel up to 24hrs ahead of your test for $100.

How much does the Executive Assessment cost?

Registering for the Executive Assessment costs $350 which is a bit more expensive than the GMAT or GRE but includes free rescheduling (up to 48 hours), free score reports, and much cheaper cancellation.

What Executive MBA programs accept the Executive Assessment?

Here is the list of schools that accept the EA.