Rescheduling your GMAT got a little pricier…

I was advising a private tutoring student to reschedule a test and noticed that GMAT rescheduling has increased in price from $50 to $60. The nerve! Yeah, in the grand scheme of things the 10 bucks is just a drop in the bucket, but, in my mind, $50 was already a rather hefty price tag for something that likely costs GMAC $0. That’s on top of the shameful cancellation policy. Inside of 7 days: $0 back. With 7 days or more: you claw back a measly $80 of your $250. Again, I can understand that it’s disruptive to have people cancelling and rescheduling at the last second because then the spots that they’d occupied might not get filled by other test takers. So the 7 days makes some sense. But there is a point, and it’s probably calculable, at which someone cancelling or rescheduling has almost no effect. It would be a real gesture of goodwill for the GMAT (or any other test) to take that into consideration and give test takers who are already investing massive amounts of time, energy, and hard-earned cash a break. Oh, and don’t call to re-schedule: that’s an extra $10!

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