Warehouse W’s revenue from the sale of sofas was what percent greater this year than it was last year? GMAT Explanation

Warehouse W’s revenue from the sale of sofas was what percent greater this year than it was last year?

(1) Warehouse W sold 10% more sofas this year than it did last year
(2) Warehouse W’s selling price per sofa was $30 greater this year than it was last year

Correct Answer: E

You Can Retake GMAT Online

This is straight from GMAC:

“Option to Take the GMAT™ Online Exam Again Since you took your GMAT™ Online exam before the use of physical whiteboards was permitted, we are offering you the option to take the GMAT™ Online exam again. If you would like to take the test again using a physical whiteboard, you can now schedule an additional GMAT™ Online exam appointment between June 11th through July 17th. Please note that the $200 registration fee applies for this option.”

Good news for the early adopters who took GMAT online with the online whiteboard: you can retake the online GMAT with a physical whiteboard. This is fantastic for those who had a crappy first test or who didn’t get enough practice to make the online whiteboard an asset.

I have a GMAT planned for June 8th can I schedule a second one after June 11th?

YES! Even if you haven’t yet taken GMAT online you can still take advantage of the retake option. You just need to book a test for June 10th or before. Then you’ll also be able to book a test for June 11th and beyond. If you’re somewhat ready to start testing I’d go for the two. It’s a rare opportunity to:

  1. Take the GMAT in the comfort of your living room
  2. Take two GMATs that will not count toward your yearly or lifetime limits

There’s also the bonus that there’s no waiting period between online tests or online tests and in person tests. So you can take an online GMAT on June 10th, June 11th, and then and in person on June 12th. Not that you’d want to do things that way but the zero day waiting period does add flexibility to planning.


Maligned GMAT Whiteboard Reinforced with Physical Option

Most GMAT hopefuls were deeply disappointed with the GMAT online whiteboard. Even if it could be used as effectively as a physical whiteboard it still required extra work to learn. And, let’s face it, studying for the GMAT requires an olympic effort. Having to adopt a new GMAT tool, regardless of whether it might boost your GMAT problem solving skills, wasn’t welcome news.

Starting June 11th: A physical whiteboard will be allowed on the online GMAT. 

Why now? Did the GMAT online early birds get screwed?

I’m not shocked by the update but I am surprised. If a physical whiteboard is OK then why wasn’t it offered at the start? Now the GMAT online late adopters have a potential advantage over the GMAT at home early birds. 

Did the early birds get screwed? Yes and no. Again, with some practice the online whiteboard can equal the physical one and even promotes healthy GMAT habits. But, hard to argue that having the option of either physical or online isn’t a good thing.

GMAT Online Until July 17th but… 

More positive news: we’ve got GMAT Online as an option until July 17th. Keep in mind though that the lifetime GMAT online limit remains at: 1. So if you’ve already taken a stab at it that’s it. For now. And probably forever. Test centers are reopening. Slowly and not transparently. But reopening. And, likely, come July 17th GMAT online will drift into history. We think.

No Excuse, Take the GMAT Online

If you’re ready to launch: take the GMAT online! It’s a fantastic option that’s potentially less stressful because you can take it in the comfort of your living room. Yes, it’s possible you’ll have tech issues and some of our students have reported proctors simply not showing up BUT more likely than not you’ll sail through it. And, if it all goes sideways, yes you will waste a bit of time and the customer service can be slow, but GMAC has been pretty good about allowing retakes due to technical issues. 

Hope this makes your day a little lighter. Comment with any questions and good luck on your GMAT!

GMAT Official Practice Questions 2 (out May 21st)

GMAC’s been on a role releasing official GMAT questions.

Have GMAT? Will travel!

GMAT Tourism: In search of in person GMATs



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