How Many Times Can I Take the Executive Assessment?

Number of Executive Assessment Attempts Allowed

When the EA was first launched you only had two measly attempts. That’s it.

Quite a shock for those of us used to the GMAT’s 5 attempts per year and 8 lifetime. Heck, the GMAT used to have no limits.

Yes, you could take an unlimited number of tests. This was great for GMAT tutors seeking to be the best because you could stay fresh by taking a couple of GMATs every year.

Why were Executive Assessment Attempts so limited?

There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. The Executive Assessment is more of a pass/fail test. This isn’t an “every point matters” GMAT situation. The EA is intended for people applying to executive MBA programs which are generally less competitive and place more emphasis on career history and trajectory than your test scores.The EA isn’t intended to be a test that requires years of studying. It’s meant to judge more baseline skills.So, with that in mind, GMAC made the assessment to limit the number of attempts.
  2. But, even if it is less competitive and takes somewhat less effort to get geared up for, why not have more attempts? $$$. Having more live EA’s available costs more money. GMAC would have to develop the question pool for those additional tests. Yes, people pay to take additional attempts. But, let’s say that 80% of people only take one EA. And 95% only take two. Then is it worth spending the money developing the question bank for that third attempt? GMAC crunched the numbers and decided that no, it wasn’t worth it.

Enter Executive Assessment Online and Two Additional Attempts (now you can take the EA 4 times)

In response to the pandemic, GMAC offered the EA online. The online test required developing question banks independent from the in person EA. So basically, GMAC needed to create two more tests so it became worth having four attempts (because they had to pay to develop them anyways).

How Many Times Can I Take the Executive Assessment Online + In person

4 times. 2 in person and 2 online. Here it is straight from GMAC:

how many times can i take the executive assessment gmac

Executive Assessment Online Quick Retake Strategy

Did you know that you can take EA’s with zero wait time? Well, not same day. But with a 24 hour wait. How? If you take the online EA you can schedule another online EA with just a 24 hours waiting period. So, if you are ready to go but just have a bad day you can go ahead and do a quick retake.

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