Exam Pack 2 Review

Exam Pack 2

Exam Pack 2

Here in the GMAT-sphere we’ve had a slew of changes and a plethora of new materials released over the past several years – some duds such as the 2015 Official Guide but some gems such as exam pack 1 which now has a sequel appropriately named: Exam Pack 2. Unlike the new stars wars movie (and OG 2015) exam pack 2 is fresh, packed to the gills with official GMAT material organized into two computer adaptive tests powered by the official GMAT algorithm so that the scoring and question selection are identical to what you will experience on test day. Great news everybody! We’re not quite to LSAT level with their 80 official released tests but we’ve gone from 2 tests to 6 tests in the past three years. That’s something to feel good about in a little train that could kind of way.

Here’s a little FAQ to help you get the most out of Exam Pack 2

When should I use exam pack 2?

Save this puppy for the last 2-3 weeks of studying. This is primo stuff.

Can I retake the exams in Exam Pack 2?

Sure. It’s not Mission Impossible – they don’t explode after use. But, the question banks are small. So it is likely that on a retake you’ll see a ton of repeats. That said, if you’ve significantly changed your skill level between the administrations you may not see all that many repeats and a re-take might be completely worthwhile. Also, if a significant amount of time has passed you may have forgotten most of the questions so again a retake could be worth it.

Is Exam Pack 2 as difficult as the real GMAT?

These tests are the same as the real GMAT. The questions are from an official test. The scoring algorithm is the same. The difference, and what might make them easier, is that you are taking these tests in the comfort of your home. Really try to simulate a test environment. Turn off your phone. Don’t use the pause button. Respect the breaks. Create a test ritual.

Is there any difference between Exam Pack 2 and the free GMAT prep tests?

The questions from Exam Pack 2 are likely newer but still the two tests should track rather closely.

Should I do the IR?

Certainly take 1 or 2 full length tests with the IR and essay but my feeling is that you don’t need to do the IR for every test.

Does it matter whether I take the exams in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night?

Ideally, approach these exam pack CATs at the same time that you will be taking your real GMAT. Certainly do not waste any official CATs by blasting them when you are exhausted or unfocused.

Should I use a GMAT simulation pad?

Definitely. Most people don’t have an issue using the pad but it is good to practice how you will play. If you want the best of the best pads (in our most biased opinion) here’s the link: Atlantic GMAT Simulation Pad

How does Exam Pack 2 stack up against third party tests?

At this point I would avoid third party tests unless you have gone through all of the official stuff a couple of times and have nothing left to practice on. For most people, third party tests are unnecessary and not the best option for GMAT practice.

Now that there are 6 official tests is GMAT focus still worth buying?

GMAT focus is still helpful because it gives you several mini-CATs. These are great for the last week of GMAT studying when you might not want to burn the energy on a full test.

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