GMAT Focus

Brief Intro to GMAT Focus

GMAT Focus is a set of GMAT computer adaptive Quant quizzes. GMAT Focus is an official GMAT product sold by GMAC and uses official GMAT questions.

  • 24 questions
  • 45 Minutes per GMAT Focus Quiz
  • Computer Adaptive
  • Analytics
  • Explanations
  • You can take up to four Quizzes without seeing repeated questions
  • $29.99 per Quiz
  • $109.98 for four Quizzes

Is GMAT Focus worth it?

A qualified yes. On a price per question basis the GMAT focus quizzes ($1.14 per question if you buy the bulk pack) are an “expensive” GMAC product especially when compared to Question Pack 1 ($.06 per question). I really don’t understand the pricing on these things.

So why bother? Well, GMAT focus has some great questions in a computer adaptive format that is very similar to the real GMAT and in the grand scheme of things another $100 probably isn’t going to break the bank. Can you survive without it? Yes, of course. The GMAT Focus quizzes are for people who don’t want to leave any stone unturned. For instance, I had a student who needed to improve from the mid 400’s to the mid 500’s. She didn’t need GMAT Focus. For her Question Pack 1 was a perfect supplement to the Official Guides. But for pretty much all of my 700 or nothing students I recommend getting it.

GMAT Focus Scoring: a little unfocused

GMAT FocusOK – I’ll stop with the GMAT Focus jokes:) But seriously the GMAT Focus scoring is a little odd. First off you don’t get a single value but a range. That’s fine in itself except when the range is 37-45. That’s not helpful. The other thing that I’ve noticed is that the scoring curve seems to get tougher after the first test. So a student will actually get far more correct on the second quiz but the score will go down. Yes, I know that the quiz is adaptive and that maybe he/she got more easy questions right and less hard questions right on the second quiz but still I find it strange that I’ve seen this score drop happen somewhat consistently.

Save GMAT Focus for later…

GMAT focus quizzes are expensive. Save them for the end of your preparation so that you can get the most value out of them. These are great for the last week of GMAT preparation when you want to work on timed sections but an entire 75 minutes Quant section might be too much. Look at these GMAT Focus quizzes as the final polish on your GMAT preparation. If you’re planning on taking the GMAT twice then you could save GMAT Focus for the second attempt.

GMAT Focus Repeats

Sad but true. The GMAT Focus Quizzes have questions that repeat in other GMAC products. BUT with the release of the Official Guide 13th Edition the number of repeats decreased significantly. With the GMAT Official Guide 2016 and the Quant Review 2016 the overlap has been eliminated (by my count). If you do happen to see a repeat question take the time to re-solve it so that you can keep the timing fairly accurate. (Please comment if you’ve had a different experience with the overlap in OG 2016 and Quant Review 2016!)

Analytics + Explanations

GMAT FocusOn the whole you’re buying GMAT Focus for the questions and the format. The analytics aren’t all that helpful. The one piece of data that is helpful is the time spent per question. It is great to see how much time you spent answering questions that you got wrong to remind yourself about good GMAT timing habits! Same thing for the explanations. They may get you headed in the right direction but don’t expect any GMAT magic.

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