GMAT Materials

Exam Pack 2

Exam Pack 2 Review

Exam Pack 2 Here in the GMAT-sphere we’ve had a slew of changes and a plethora of new materials released over the past several years – some duds such as the 2015 Official Guide but some gems such as exam pack 1 which now has a sequel appropriately named: Exam Pack 2. Unlike the new …

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GMAT Official Guide Verbal

GMAT Verbal Review 2016

GMAT Verbal Review 2016 More tough questions would have been helpful but the GMAT Verbal Review 2016 is a welcome update to the aging Verbal Review 2nd edition. This isn’t the book for testing how bad-ass your GMAT verbal skills have become but can certainly aid you in your GMAT journey as a tried and true skill …

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GMAT Official Quant Guide

GMAT Quant Review 2016

GMAT Quant Review 2016 The GMAT Quant Review 2016 improves an already solid skill builder. I can attest that our GMAT rulers at the Graduate Management Admission Council have blessed us with a decent update and a worthwhile purchase for anyone needing extra official GMAT Quant practice. It is certainly on the purchase list for a majority of new GMAT tutoring …

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