How to Study One Week Before the GMAT

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How to Study One Week Before the GMAT

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A week from now you’ll take your GMAT. Congrats on getting this far but let’s do the right things with 7 days still to go.

You’ve been pedal to the metal over the past bunch of months. During this last week let that GMAT brain expand. Let’s get in the best position to use the skills that you have already earned. This is not the week to try to make up for any deficiencies in your studying. Focus on the positive. Focus on what you know. Let the studying go and prepare yourself to perform.

Slow down, coast, and consolidate: One week before the GMAT is the time to taper off your studying so avoid taking full practice tests. If you’d like more test practice then go for the GMAT Focus as they’re only 45 minutes and won’t drain you. Also, we’ve just released the GMAT Quant Review Quizzes, a set that we use in the last two weeks of the GMAT tutoring program.

Take a tour through your error log. Do some review sets covering a variety of content. Question Pack 1 is great for these mixed sets. Some of my students have done well creating a “formula sheet” with all of the Quant tips and tricks that they have learned during their GMAT preparation. You don’t have to make one of these but if you have that sinking feeling that even after all of this studying that you don’t know anything then the formula sheet can be a helpful reminder that all is well. Let’s remember that your trajectory for this GMAT is pretty much set: you’re a ship coming into harbor. Light on the steering. Easy on the throttle.

Some practical considerations for the last week of GMAT Studying:

1. Get some rest. Prioritize a regular sleep schedule (hopefully one that coincides with a high level of alertness during your actual GMAT). You may not get a lot of sleep on the night before your test so let’s charge up those batteries. Is your GMAT appointment at a time when you generally feel sleepy and out of sorts? Reschedule. No spots available? No problem. Check the GMAT Re-scheduling page on on a regular basis as new spaces do open up.

2. Eat some food (good food). This matters. Eat healthy stuff. Fill those gas tanks with some quality fuel.

3. If you haven’t been practicing using the plastic pad it’s not too late to start. Even during this last week getting familiar with the pad is helpful.

4. Do you have a solid timing strategy for test day? If you need some ideas for approaching the Computer Adaptive Test check out our article on GMAT Timing.

5. Have you done any IR? If you haven’t then do yourself a favor and tackle one full section of IR.

6. Have you written an essay? Same deal as above. Write one.

Most of you have blasted through enough GMAT practice questions to equal dozens of GMATs. You only have to do one more. Good luck!


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