GMAT Exam Pack Review

GMAT Exam Pack

GMAT Exam Pack

Official GMAT practice tests: the rare birds of the test prep universe. This practice test scarcity has led to an abundance of third party GMAT CATs that are helpful in certain situations but differ from the “real” GMAT CATs in their feel and in their scoring algorithms. Seeing this need or needing a way to make some extra cash, GMAC has released two exams based on previously unreleased questions, Exam Pack 1 upping the total Official GMATs from two to four. That is compared to 74 released LSAT exams. Comparison aside, the exam pack is a fantastic addition to the GMAT study library. Here is a little FAQ about the exams along with some suggestions on how to use them.

Are the “old” GMAT prep tests now obsolete?

Absolutely not. Although I would argue that because the exam pack questions are most likely newer that the exam pack is ever so slightly more relevant, the GMAT prep tests are packed with excellent questions and the scores from those tests tend be good indicators of how you will perform on the big day.

When should I use the GMAT Exam Pack?

In GMAT tutoring I tend to use the exam pack tests in the last couple of weeks of studying. These are usually the last two full practice tests before the real GMAT.

What if I retake the tests – will I see tons of repeat questions?

The short answer is yes. The question bank isn’t all that big. These practice tests were not designed to be taken multiple times. The exception is if you were scoring in the 500’s on the first go around and then you score in 700’s in the second go around it is likely that you will see many different questions because you will be pulling questions from a different difficulty level.

How well does the Exam pack represent the real test?

I find the exam pack identical to the real GMAT. It is the best GMAT practice test available. Just before the exam pack was released I had taken a real GMAT and scored a 770. A couple of days later I bought the exam pack and took the first test. Also scored a 770 with the same breakdown.

Can I trust the GMAT Prep software to store my results?

I wouldn’t. Take screenshots of everything that you want to review. I’ve had way too many students deal with lost results and have to call GMAC customer service in an attempt to get things back. To be fair, sometimes, GMAC has been able to retrieve the data but dealing with the issue is time consuming.

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