Online GMAT Score Flagged for Administrative Review?

GMAT Flagged for Administrative Review Reddit Post

Why did your online GMAT score get flagged for administrative review (mostly related to people scoring 700+)?

You’ve studied for months grueling through thousands of practice questions and half a dozen official GMAT practice tests. You even hired a tutor for a few sessions to review some particularly thorny concepts.

The going was tough but you got traction and now are starting to feel in control of your GMAT prep. So much so that it’s time to test your mettle on an official GMAT.

Since there are very few in person GMAT appointments available you opt for an online GMAT. You’ve got a quiet place to take the test, your computer seems up to task, and your internet is steady so all is looking great.

Even though you’ve read online GMAT horror stories on reddit, on test day things are smooth as butter. The exam starts on time. The proctor is helpful and polite. Most importantly: the GMAT feels manageable. Yes, tough at times but you stood your ground and felt confident about the score.

And the Unofficial Results pop up on the screen…

Yes! You were right to feel that confidence. 710. Nice score. Ready to put the final touches on those apps and fire them off!

But then you get an email from GMAC: flagged for Administrative Review

Do they think you cheated? You know that you took the test fair and square but maybe you mouthed some of the words or mumbled to yourself?

Did you look away from the screen too long?

Did they detect some morse code in your blinking or some sketchy software running on your computer?

This does not look good.

Here is the good news: All 700+ scores are now being flagged for administrative review

Yes, this hasn’t been officially announced but if you contact customer service regarding the flag more likely than not the rep. will let you know that you’ve been automatically flagged for review because you scored 700 or above.

It also seems to be that if you improved your score (from a previous official) by a significant amount you may also be flagged for review.

So, assuming nothing strange happened during your GMAT, everything will be fine and you will have your official score report in 2-3 weeks.

What if I need the score now?

Use your unofficial score. In most cases that will suffice until you follow up with the official score report. It would be a great idea to get in contact with the school and let them know the situation.

Why are 700+ online GMAT scores being flagged?

There has always been some cheating (as there is on every test). I think GMAC feels that there is more potential for cheating on the online GMAT so they are being extra careful to safeguard the prestige of the test by making extra sure that the elite scores are as verified as possible.

I know it’s stressful to receive the “administrative review” warning and annoying that you don’t have your official score report right now but this extra vetting equates to your score being more meaningful as GMAC will filter out a bunch of cheaters.

Good luck on your GMAT and your applications. Comment with any questions!