gmat debrief

Looking for some GMAT inspiration? Welcome to our GMAT success stories page which has a whole bunch of GMAT debriefs based on experiences from our tutoring clients in New York and beyond.

Some of these date back to the start of the company as Andrew was developing the Atlantic GMAT tutoring system while others are preparations led by Luke, Matt, and Tom.

We’ve got a huge range of starting scores, profiles, and goals. 

Some success came easily and predictably. Some struggled to gain their footing

Many began with very rough math skills and low quant scores that needed serious work. Some were non-native english speakers who struggled on the verbal (not all ESL students are like that though!). Here’s a story that combines both of those things from a super smart french lady who soared from a q34 to a q45!

In a great majority of the stories we share what made the preparation challenging and what ultimately brought us success. We’ll go into detail on materials that we used, timing strategies, and more!

We’ll be continuously adding new GMAT debriefs and are planning other features to help guide your GMAT studying.

We hope you enjoy these stories of GMAT success and would love to hear about yours.

Happy studies!

Want more GMAT success stories?

More to come here but you can also find a throng of them on this GMAT Club debrief compilation page. As we find other worthwhile GMAT debrief pages we’ll go ahead and add them here.