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GMAT Study Schedule Week: 8 (just getting started? You might start with the intro to the GMAT Schedules)

We are about to finish the Official Guide 13th Edition Quant – woohooo!  That’s an achievement right there.  Still, we are going to review the tough ones so that you can learn from your mistakes. That’s what this is all about. Learning from your mistakes until there are very few mistakes left. We’re just checking off items on a list which should be getting a bit shorter by the day. Don’t worry if there are still a few lines on that list that you have yet to check off. There’s still plenty of time. And maybe you know those topics better than you think! Have you scheduled a GMAT? If not, you might consider doing so soon. This article on GMAT Registration has all the info you need for registration plus some advice on when to schedule your test.

GMAT Schedule Week 8 Quant

We are getting into the full swing of timed Quant sections. We’re going to approach a whopping 5 GMAT Club Quant sections (feel free to sub in MGMAT CATs). I know that’s a lot. Sorry about that. My GMAT tutoring students are always a bit shocked about how many timed sections I assign but taking a bunch of these in a row is going to get you in your groove. This will help you put together all of the concepts that we have been working on. It’s important to see GMAT questions out in the wild. Out there they will seem foreign. At least at first. The GMAT is excellent at hiding the real question. At hiding the underlying content. But the real question is there and it is your job to find it!

A note on timing: As you are working through these GMAT CATs keep your forward momentum. Be working on your timing. I know that I’ve suggested this before but this is really important to get solid now so you might have a look at this article on GMAT Timing.

I counsel many panicked students a few weeks before their exams and they are all concerned about not having been able to memorize every last little esoteric rule. Of course it’s great to know everything but let’s remember that this is a critical thinking test that rewards methodical problem solving and neat, step by step, arithmetic. This is mostly about the meat and potatoes. As intricate as the GMAT is, it doesn’t usually require special knowledge (although with certain questions and if you want an astronomically high score it can help). Your focus should be on an organized approach to your problem solving. For some extra practice on some tough Quant covering just about every GMAT topic imaginable have a look at the GMAT Question of the Day page. With that in mind let’s review some strategies for Overlapping Sets:

GMAT Question of the Day Overlapping Sets 1

GMAT Question of the Day Overlapping Sets 2

GMAT Question of the Day Overlapping Sets 3

GMAT Question of the Day Overlapping Sets 4

GMAT Question of the Day Overlapping Sets 5

GMAT Schedule Week 8 Verbal

On the verbal side we’re continuing to taper off the LSAT work as you go on our GMAT only diet. This is a part of GMAT tutoring that students really like because they get to see the rewards of all that tough LSAT practice. With that in mind we are back with two more GMAT Paper Tests. Excited?  The GMAT Paper tests are great practice. Treat them as reals tests. You’ll also be working on a whole bunch of Official Guide 13th Edition Reading Comprehension. You should be feeling good about these after having done all of that LSAT work. Of course there may still be some tricky questions sneaking around but on the whole the passages should feel manageable.

A few notes on the GMAT reading comprehension: You should know the primary purpose and the main idea without having to go back to the text. You should also have a pretty good idea of how the information in the passage is organized for when you need to go back for a line reference or key word question. I know it’s tough to be your own tutor but keep yourself honest on this. Let’s not skimp out on Reading Comprehension practice. It is the cornerstone of the verbal section. Great GMAT reading comprehension performance usually translates to great verbal section performance. OK – just to get really annoying: have you been reading an Economist article every day?


GMAT Study Schedule DAY 1

GMAT Club Quant + Review

Question Pack 1 Medium

20 Sentence Correction

15 Critical Reasoning


GMAT Study Schedule DAY 2

Official Guide 13th Edition – General Set

Reading Comprehension: 10, 11

Critical Reasoning: 50-62

Sentence Correction 120-END


PS 107, 178 (3 group), 186, 189, 201, 222

DS 34, 44, 49, 66, 93, 94, 116, 134, 137, 138


GMAT Study Schedule DAY 3


Official Guide 13th Edition – General Set

Reading Comprehension 12, 13


1 Logical Reasoning

GMAT Study Schedule DAY 4

GMAT Club Quant + REview

Official Guide 13th Edition – General Set

Reading Comprehension 14, 15

Critical Reasoning 63-74


GMAT Study Schedule DAY 5

GMAT Holiday!


GMAT Study Schedule DAY 6

GMAT Club Quant + Review

GMAT Paper Tests Verbal:  42


LSAT Prep Test

1 Logical Reasoning

1 Reading Comprehension

GMAT Study Schedule DAY 7

GMAT Club Quant + Review


GMAT Paper Tests Verbal:  48


LSAT Prep Test

1 Logical Reasoning

1 Reading Comprehension