GMAT Paper Tests

GMAT Paper Tests

GMAT Paper Tests

The GMAT Paper Tests are from the days of yore when the GMAT was a traditional pen and paper test. The Quant on the GPTs is a bit easy for modern day GMAT standards but the GMAT Paper Tests verbal is still relevant practice. Here is a FAQ to help answer the most important questions related to using the GMAT Paper Tests for verbal practice:

GMAT Paper Test FAQ

When is the best time to use the GMAT Paper Tests?

The GPTs are great to use once you already have a strategy for a majority of the verbal question types. They provide excellent timed practice for the second half of your GMAT preparation.

The timing is tight on these GMAT Paper tests – do I have to stick to it?

In the old days you could skip around a section. This made it so it was a bit easier to get through a section in less time. Since you should not be skipping around and should be doing the sections in order, you will have a tough time getting through these tests in the allotted time. On the GMAT Paper Tests you can safely add five minutes per section.

Do the questions in the GMAT Paper Tests overlap with any other official GMAT materials?

Yes – unfortunately they do. In general you will have very little overlap if you skip all of the reading comprehensions and only do GMAT Paper Tests 31, 37, 42, 48, 52, and 55.

What is the difficulty level of the GMAT Paper Tests?

The Quant is a couple of notches below what you will see on a real GMAT. Most of the GMAT Paper Test verbal is quite similar to current GMAT verbal. Are there some differences? Yes. Current GMAT verbal focuses less on idioms. Also – the toughest of the tough current verbal is tougher than anything that you will see on the GMAT Paper Tests.

Can I trust the scoring on the GMAT Paper Tests?

The scoring isn’t perfect BUT can give you a good indication of how you are performing. I would think of the scoring as similar to GMAT Focus scoring. More of a range than a single number. Plus or Minus 2/3 points the scoring is solid.

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