New GMAT Prep Software Out Now!

It’s a little late coming two weeks after the test itself changed but finally GMAC has released the new version of the GMAT prep software to align with the new, shorter GMAT. Here’s an essential FAQ:

I’m taking my test in the next month, do I need this new software or am I OK with the old one?

If you have time to take a few practice tests on the new platform then I’d say it’s worth switching over. That said, the timing changes are pretty minor so don’t feel bad about practicing on the old practice tests. For anyone just starting GMAT preparation 100% go for the new software.

Is there any new content with this new software?

Nope. Same old stuff (except for new IR questions for GMAT Prep Test 2). Just different timing.

Do I need an internet connection to use the software?


Can I use it offline though?


I recently bought the “old version”  can I switch over to the new one which actually mirrors the test I’m going to take?


Did you buy the old software before January 16th, 2018? 

You’re out of luck.

Did you buy the old software after January 16th, 2018? 

Contact with the subject line “Free Migration,” and include a copy of email order confirmation for your GMATPrep® purchase, as well as existing GMATPrep® activation codes that you would like to exchange (existing activation codes that are submitted for exchange will be deactivated). All requests for activation code exchanges must be submitted by May 11, 2018.

For how long can I use the online version of the GMAT prep software? 12 months.

And then what? You have to buy it again. Really? Yeah.

If I buy the new GMAT prep software will my results from the old software be sherpa’d over?

Unfortunately not.

Can I still use my old software?

Kind of. For as long as it runs properly on your computer. GMAC is dropping support for the old software and will not be providing updates.

Here’s the official FAQ from GMAC.

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