GMAT Section Order

As of July 11th, 2017 you can select section order on the GMAT. Always wanted to do Quant first and the essay last? Here’s your chance. Read on for some analysis of the change. Once again GMAT adds convenience features as more people opt for the GRE for MBA admissions. GMAT still dominates the MBA market. Does section order give you an advantage? Likely not. GMAC has done their HW and run the numbers. The new test must be comparable to the old one. So, it’s extremely likely that GMAT section selection, at least in the aggregate, doesn’t affect outcomes. Will it be better for you? Maybe. On the individual level it is possible that you’ll do better with a certain section order. We’ll go further into this in a longer post but just about everybody should do essay and IR last. Whether you do Quant or Verbal first is a personal decision. I like jumping right into the Quant!

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