GMAT Question of the Day - Problem Solving - Average/Word Problem

For the past 300 days machine X has produced an average of 78 units of part K. Today machine X produced Z units of part K bringing machine X's total production of part K to 23,468 units. What is the value of Z?

A. 34

B. 36

C. 68

D. 72

E. 74

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GMAT Question of the Day Solution

GMAT weighted average questions are very similar to GMAT Rate/Work questions. For both question types you can use a T to organize the information. The T will help you make inferences. It can also help you to define the question. In a classic GMAT weighted average question you will have two scenarios and a total. You can organize those scenarios into three T's. Once you've done that this question of the day breaks down to simple arithmetic.

GMAT Question of the Day Problem Solving Average Word Problem Solution

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