GMAT Enhanced Score Report Review

Enhanced Score Report

GMAT Enhanced Score Report

I’ve discussed GMAT performances with more people than I can remember. I’m often analyzing the mysterious reasons for a “GMAT failure to launch”. Why were the practice tests 700+ but the real score a 590? Without much data and only a subjective account from a student there is a ton of voodoo involved in the process. I think that I’m pretty good at untangling the knot, shedding some light in the dark corner, but most of my conclusions are just educated guesses. If I only had access to some of the data from the exam… (Drum roll, trumpet blast, open curtain) Enter the GMAT enhanced score report!!! Lots of hurrah from GMAC when this was released. Between you and me: it was a dud. However, GMAC has enhanced the Enhanced Score Report so that now, although still missing some basic information, it is actually useful. Let’s have a look at the pretty tables and graphs that you get for your 25 clams.

GMAT Enhanced Score Report Quant:

A percentile score for Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, Algebra/Geometry, and Arithmetic.

Why only those categories? I have no idea. PS vs. DS is somewhat helpful. In general if you’re extremely titled in favor of DS then you’re lacking in your follow through. Meaning, you’re making arithmetic/algebra mistakes. You understand the big picture but are having trouble in the execution. This happens most often people who are strong at verbal but a little shaky on quant. Superb PS but down in the dumps DS? It’s not unlikely that you need to spend more time on planning.

Then again, maybe you were more familiar with the content that was presented in the Data Sufficiency so did better on those questions (or vice versa). GMAC might retort by saying “but we included a breakdown of Algebra/Geometry vs. Arithmetic”. Yeah. Well, it would be fantastic see a few more content categories. My guess is that GMAC doesn’t want to give away how questions are categorized.

Average time spent per question on the Quant section.

You can see the DS vs. PS balance. This could be interesting but I don’t find it particularly helpful in terms of guiding your studying (unless there is some massive imbalance). You can also see Algebra/Geometry vs. Arithmetic timing. I’m scratching my head on this one. It would be great to see how much time was spent on individual questions. That would let you know if you were dwelling a bit too much. Maybe GMAC heard my complaints and introduced:

Average time spent per question broken down by quarter

OK: not perfect. But pretty damn good. Now you can see whether you had a slow or fast start, got bogged down in the middle, or rushed at the end.

% time spend on questions you got correct vs incorrect by quarter

Could it be more granular? Yeah. But again, this is a win. The wrong v. right as a percent of time spent lets you know whether you were blowing oodles of time on questions that you were going to get wrong anyways. If you’re tilted towards spending more time on questions you get incorrect consider more guessing/moving on. It’s better to fail quickly.

GMAT Enhanced Score Report Verbal:

The verbal side has everything the quant has plus a couple of bonuses.

A percentile score for Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

Knowing your percentile on RC vs. CR. vs. SC is more meaningful than knowing PS vs. DS. At least you can pinpoint content-wise where you bombed.

Average time spent per question on the Verbal section.

This “enhanced” verbal report is also better than the “enhanced” quant report in that you get to see on which question type (RC, SC, CR) you blew your time.

GMAT Enhanced Score Report by a nose…

There are some GMAC products that provide great value: Question Pack 1, the GMAT Prep Software, and arguably the Official Guide 2016 are no brainer must haves. The new Enhanced Score report sneaks into the buy zone by a nose.

Is there a scenario in which it is absolutely worth buying this thing?

If you are 100% perplexed about your GMAT score (your score dropped like a stone from your practice tests and you have no clue why) you might squeeze some insight out the GMAT Enhanced Score Report. I also find it helpful for incoming GMAT tutoring students as it gives me another data point to plan the preparation. Comment with any questions. Good luck with your GMAT studying!

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