Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #20

GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge

Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #20

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Article: What would happen if Facebook were turned off?


There has never..Facebook would be like.

Facebook is massively popular and is said to provide tremendous value to its users but also has a dark side which might make it worth leaving behind.

To begin to imagine…into the digital wilderness.

Researches conducted a study on users who disconnected from facebook for a month.

Those booted off…depression and anxiety.

Users who disconnected experiences a variety of positive effects.

It also helped…network to disappear.

Based on the study it appears that users overestimate how much value facebook provides but, considering that some users who had disconnected during the study but rejoined, indicates that the social network still provides value to users.

Yet that is not…did not exist at all.

Users might only be rejoining because there are 2.3 billion other people on facebook even though the world at large might be better without facebook.

How could that be? …good and bad.

Facebook grew quickly as the online population exploded and became an online megacity which could attract people by its sheer size.

In the life of physical cities… decamp to sunnier climes.

The attraction of being close to others can lead to remarkable durability.

Such things occur…Roman ancestors occupied.

A greater collapse in Roman era Britain caused Britain to become more successful than France which had remained more stable during that period but then failed to adapt to a changing economic landscape.

Such ruts are hard…seek something better.

The end of Facebook could lead to a better social network.

Main Idea

Although it seems to provide value, Facebook may provide less value than users perceive and its downfall could lead to a better social network.

Primary Purpose

To discuss a study evaluating the value of Facebook and advance reasons for why the end of Facebook could benefit society.

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