Have GMAT? Will travel!

GMAT Online vs In Person

GMAT Tourism: In search of in person GMATs

We are in the era of online GMAT and most people studying for the test aren’t psyched about the at home option. That’s understandable. At the least on the face of it online GMAT and the accompanying whiteboard seem like added baggage onto an already stressful, time sucking, and expensive process. We’ve done a lot of writing on the GMAT online exam and the GMAT whiteboard and if you follow the Atlantic blog or Atlantic GMAT Youtube channel you know that we’ve found our peace with GMAT online and actually think that it’s worth doing for just about everyone and that there’s a silver lining to preparing with the online GMAT whiteboard.

Still, regardless, if given the option I don’t know of a student (maybe one) who wouldn’t prefer the in person test. But those aren’t available right??? Well. That depends on where you are and if you’re willing to travel for GMAT.

Texas, Wyoming, Georgia, Idaho: We’ve got GMAT!

Some states are already opening up and with that Pearson Vue centers are open for business. So in person GMATs are actually available. In fact, an Atlantic GMAT tutoring student traveled from NY to Wyoming this past week to brave an in person test.

Is it worth traveling for an in person GMAT?

The question is should you bother traveling to do so. That really depends on your situation. The above student was 100% ready to knock out the test. He’d taken it a few times before and was testing on practice GMATs above his goal. So he really just needed a good day and would be done. In that case it might make sense to travel to take an in person exam.

We have another tutoring student who booked a GMAT cruise but in his case we’re considering cancelling it. Why? He’s far from his goal. This isn’t going to be his last rodeo. Why put in all that effort and hard earned cash into airfare and hotel for what will basically be a practice test.

GMAT Online is a good option at least as a practice test

Even if you’re close to your goal don’t feel pressured to travel for an in person GMAT. Take a GMAT online. I did and so did GMAT tutor Matt Abuzalaf. Our experiences matched: the process was smooth and the whiteboard was a non-issue.

Once things open up more in your state in person GMAT will be back and you’ll be even more prepared having taken the online exam.