GMAT Error Log: Correcting the Shoot from the Hip Approach

GMAT Shoot from the Hip

GMAT Lucky Guesses = No GMAT Learning

Are GMAT error logs the bain of your existence? I get it. They are confusing and can be overwhelming. I have a lot to say about GMAT error logs but here we are going to focus on just one thing:  correct answers.  Whoa?????  Yep – that’s right.  “But I thought it was an error log?” That’s true but some of the things that you got right you didn’t get right for the right reasons. That’s the worst type of GMAT question not to review. But I got it right!! You did but you don’t really have a good way of solving the question. If you see a variation on the same theme you still don’t have a process.

Confirm Your GMAT Process

I appreciate that you were scrappy and were able to select a correct answer but this is all about having a good process right? When you review a section you have to look at every question to make sure that you know why you got all of the correct ones correct and how to get the incorrect ones correct the next time. The shoot from the hip approach can work sometimes but it won’t work consistently. It leads to a lack of confidence in your GMAT problem solving and inconsistent GMAT scores. Practice and review with purpose. Identify all of your weaknesses by analyzing both correct and incorrect GMAT questions. Keep track of these questions in your GMAT schedule! Good error log habits = GMAT progress.

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