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On his daily commute Bill always crosses a certain toll bridge exactly two times. Bill can buy a discount pass for $50 which decreases the cost of the toll by 20%. If the toll costs $1.50 per crossing, after how many days of commuting will buying the discount pass result in a financial benefit for Bill?

A. 81

B. 82

C. 83

D. 84

E. 85

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GMAT Question of the Day Solution

This question of the day is a GMAT classic. It is likely that you will see this style question on your exam. There are few things to think about with GMAT word problems:

1. Read carefully. Work on processing and understanding the information. Don't worry about solving while you are reading.

2. Define the question. Ask: What am I looking for?

3. As you are working towards the solution look for ways to simplify your arithmetic by factoring and reducing.

GMAT Question of the Day Word Problem Solution Diagram

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