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GMAT Question of the Day Work and Rate DS

GMAT Question of the Day – Data Sufficiency – Rate

John took twice as much time to complete the first half of his journey as he took to complete the rest of the journey. What was his average speed for the entire journey?

(1) His average speed for the first half of the journey was 40 mph slower than his average speed for the rest of the journey

(2) During the journey John traveled a total of 160 miles


GMAT Question of the Day Solution

Rate T’s provide a great way to organize GMAT rate questions. Organization is the key to a great GMAT score. So however you decide to approach rate questions or any GMAT question find an organizational method that works for you and practice that method until it is second nature. At that point you’ll develop confidence in your GMAT abilities (here’s an article on GMAT confidence that goes into more depth on this subject). On this GMAT question of the day the T’s will help you define the information and potentially make a key inference that illustrates the sufficiency of Statement (1).

gmat question of the day data sufficiency rate solution diagram

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