GMAT Question of the Day -DS- Digits

GMAT Question of the Day

GMAT Question of the Day -Data Sufficiency- Digits/Number Properties

If z < 1 what is the tenths digit of z?

(1) The tens digit of 100z is 0

(2) z < 1/11


GMAT Question of the Day

For GMAT data sufficiency questions it will help to consider special numbers: 0, 1, positive, negative, integer, decimal. Whenever you are considering the sufficiency of a statement consider whether one of these types of numbers will create an exception. This will help you avoid trap answer choices. This question has a trap: negative numbers. If you consider that z could be negative then both statements are clearly insufficient. If you forget about negative numbers then statement (2) might tempt you into thinking that the the tens digit must be 0.

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