GMAT Delayed by Corona (Covid 19)

On March 16th, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Pearson Vue closed all US testing centers putting the GMAT on hold for a slew of MBA hopefuls. While a good move on Pearson’s part, the Coronavirus GMAT delay has added some uncertainty to MBA admissions planning. So what do we know?

  1. Pearson Vue test centers are closed until April 16th
  2. You can reschedule for April 16th and onwards
  3. If you had a test scheduled in the no-GMAT-zone you’ll receive a refund.

That said, there’s no guarantee that on April 16th Pearson testing centers will actually reopen. That will depend on how we’re doing with Corona. Luckily, if we can consider ourselves lucky in any way, we still have a chunk of time before September/October Round 1 MBA application deadlines (and tons of time before Round 2). So best to use this time to sharpen your GMAT skills so when you get your chance to sit for the real deal you’ll be ready to rock.

Also, assuming you have a bit of downtime from work it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get going with your applications so when the GMAT comes out of the deep freezer you can give it 100% focus. We’ll be following up with more GMAT corona delay suggestions in further posts. For now, stay healthy.