Looking for GMAT Classes in NYC?

Happy to announce the Atlantic GMAT Custom Course for Spring 2016! The classes will be held in Midtown Manhattan from March 7th – May 4th.  Mondays 7-9pm, Wednesdays 730-830pm, and Thursdays 7-9pm. The suggested GMAT date for students in the course is the weekend of May 6th. Read on for more details!

Small GMAT Classes

Keeping the numbers down means more individual attention in and out of the classroom. Are big GMAT classes bad? Not necessarily – but as class size increases personal attention decreases. In a small class, I can analyse everyone’s progress each week. This allows me to adjust the pace of the class and customize the content of future homework assignments on an individual basis.


One of the main advantages of private tutoring is the complete focus on your goals with no time wasted on other people’s problems. The class will get close to this level of focus by putting together students with similar strengths, weaknesses, and goals.


The heart of the course is a personalized GMAT schedule with every homework assignment, review session, practice test, and day off planned until your test date. Not only does this take the mystery out of studying but it also makes it easier for me to check in on your progress so that we can make adjustments when necessary.


In class, HW, and practice tests we’ll focus 95% on Official GMAT questions and guide you through all of the relevant Official GMAT materials. For a breakdown of the specific materials that we’ll be using check out the GMAT Class NYC FAQ.

Scenarios in which we will use non-GMAT questions:

  1. For verbal, LSAT logical reasoning questions are superb practice.
  2. Having taken a ton of real GMATs I can say with confidence that some question types are underrepresented in the Official GMAT practice materials. I have written my own questions to cover these gaps.


Our New York GMAT classes are 40 hours and meet three times per week. You will be going through the same curriculum that my private GMAT students have been using for years. This is the real deal for New Yorkers who want to buckle down for a few months to get the GMAT behind them.


$2400. This is probably the most expensive GMAT course in NYC. In my biased opinion it is also the only “complete” course on the market – one that will get you ready for the GMAT from start to finish. Also, if you compare the class sizes and the number of hours you’ll find that the Atlantic GMAT Custom Course comes in at a lower price per unit of GMAT than current big box offerings.

Teacher – Andrew Geller

Years teaching: I started teaching in 2002 and have had the privilege of transforming a part time interest into a full fledged company.

Number of GMATs taken: I take the GMAT regularly to keep up with the content and to stay in touch with what students’ experience on test day. I’ve taken the GMAT six times and counting – I have another coming up next week:)

GMAT Score: 780 (with multiple other 99th percentile scores)

Best Student Score: 780

Best Student Improvement: 230 points

# of Countries Represented: 12. Russia, Ukraine, USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, India, China (Hong Kong), England, Greece, Kuwait...

Teaching Style: The number one priority is getting you the knowledge and helping you develop the skills and confidence needed to reach your GMAT goals. I find the best way to do that is to have a dynamic, engaging, and inclusive style. One that is rigid enough to provide the right level of support and organization but also acknowledges that not everyone learns in the same way.  I focus on a “best tool for the job” approach to solving GMAT questions as opposed to a reliance on a “let’s put our backs into it” algebraic approach. Last but not least, yes, the process will be challenging and will demand dedication, perseverance, and hard work but most certainly we’ll have some laughs along the way.

Interests: I’m no Federer but I like playing tennis and ping pong and grew up skiing the mountains of southern Vermont. I’ve done a bunch of Improv (which I would highly recommend to anyone). I spent a year teaching English in Brazil and am fluent in Portuguese although I am struggling to learn German.

Apply for the Atlantic GMAT Custom Course

Interested? Awesome! Take an official GMAT practice test and send over the results. We’ll analyze everything and get back to you. Here are the instructions for doing that:

  1. Download the GMAT Prep Software. This is completely free (you just have to register). Take GMAT Prep Test 1. Skip the essay. Complete the Integrated Reasoning, Quant, and Verbal sections. Do this test timed. Do the sections in a row. Keep the breaks down to 8 minutes. No pause button. No calculator:)
  2. Take a screenshot of every question in the Quant and Verbal sections including the review screen (the screen that gives you the global view of which questions you got wrong in each section). Create either a Dropbox folder or a google drive folder and share that folder with: info@AtlanticGMAT.com. Also include a screenshot of your score. DO NOT REVIEW/RE-DO your mistakes. You’ll be taking this test again down the road. Better to keep the material fresh.
  3. We will analyze the test considering the types of mistakes that you made, the scores in each section, and the overall score.
  4. There are no hard cut-offs but in general we are looking for an overall score 600-ish or above with a tilt towards verbal in the percentiles.
  5. We will get back to you within a week to set-up a phone consultation.

NYC GMAT Classes: Summary

Teacher: Andrew Geller

Cost: $2400

When: March 7th-May 4th. Monday’s and Thursday’s 7-9pm (Teaching classes, in person). Wednesday’s 730-830pm (Review Class, online).

Where: 39th Street and 5th Avenue. NY, NY!

Suggested GMAT Date: The weekend of May 6th.

For more info here is the GMAT Class NYC FAQ

For GMAT Class and Application questions drop us a note: info@atlanticgmat.com