What kind of score increases can I expect?

That depends a bit on where you are starting from. If at the lower end of the scale (for this class), say a 570, you might bump your score more than 100 points, but at a 650, snagging an additional 70-80 points would be a great target as improvements get tougher on the upper end of the scale.

What about a guarantee?

I can guarantee that the course will support you with a great structure, guide you through the best materials, and provide strategies to make achieving your goal easier. I can also assure you that the system has worked well for other people with a similar profile to yours. But with the many factors outside of the class that will influence the outcome, there is no score improvement guarantee. For more more information about the structure of the class head to the GMAT Classes NYC page.

What books, question banks, and practice tests will we be using?

As advertised, the class focuses on Official GMAT Materials. These are the best questions to learn on and practice on. We will work through:

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016

The Official Guide for GMAT Quant Review 2016

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2016

Plus all of the unique questions from past Official Guides (10th edition through the 2015 edition).

Question Pack 1

the LSAT for GMAT

GMAT Prep Tests 1 and 2

Exam Pack 1 tests 3 and 4

GMAT Focus Tests 1-4

In addition, we will be working on proprietary Atlantic GMAT questions designed to cover the gaps in the Official Materials (questions that I know appear on the real deal that aren’t represented in the aforementioned books/questions banks).

40 hours?! But some other classes get done in 27 hours. I’d rather get done quicker!

Me too! But, In my experience, in a classroom setting, it takes about 40 hours to prepare for the GMAT. Even with small classes and students of similar profiles you’d have to change the rules of physics to get everyone on board and ready to rock in less time

Why are the classes two hours instead of three?

After you’ve already had a full day of work, three hours is way too long to sit in a GMAT class. Even if you are extremely dedicated, you’re going to have trouble getting the most out of that last hour. Further, in case you are having an issue with some of the content, the multiple classes allow us to get that issue resolved ASAP, not a week down the road. Studying for the GMAT is a real challenge and logistically, having class three times a week adds to that challenge. That said, I can assure you that shorter classes multiple times per week is the best way to learn this material. Doing things right the first time will ultimately save you time and money and give you more free weeknights in the future while your friends and colleagues are still slogging away at their GMAT prep.

Why is the Wednesday session only an hour?

The Wednesday session is for review. We’ll be tackling any content questions from previous classes and questions from homework. I’ve been doing a weekly review class for the last few years with my private tutoring students and have found that an hour works great.

Why is the Wednesday session online?

It’s a challenge to meet three times a week. With the online session we can address that a bit by saving some commuting time. The online classroom is great: clear audio/video, screen-sharing, and virtual whiteboard. I’ve been using it for years with only positive results.

How much homework should I expect?

Approximately 10 hours a week heavily weighted towards the weekends.

How many practice tests will I take before the real exam?

6 Official GMAT Practice tests. In addition you’ll be taking a dozen or so half tests (full quant sections or full verbal sections) and all of your homework will be timed so that you are well accustomed to the pressure of the clock.

What if I miss a class?

Each lesson builds from the previous one. So missing a class isn’t just about missing the two hours of information from that night but about missing a link in a chain of information. In the off chance that you can’t make it, we will do our best to catch you up. You will be provided with class notes, and will certainly be able to ask follow up questions in the review session, on the class forum, and in the following class.

What if I don’t reach my target?

I am trying to control every controllable factor (within reason) so that you reach your goals on your first GMAT. If you happen to need another crack at it, as many people do, that’s been accounted for as the class schedule is based on taking two GMATs. If you don’t nail it on one of those two we will provide a schedule for one additional retake. The retake needs to be within 5 weeks of the second GMAT.

Is my tuition refundable?

The $200 deposit is not refundable. The tuition is refundable up to 22 days before the first class.

How do I apply?

Take an official GMAT practice test and send over the results. We’ll analyze everything and get back to you. Here are the instructions for taking the test and sending the results:

  1. Download the GMAT Prep Software. This is completely free (you just have to register). Take GMAT Prep Test 1. Skip the essay. Complete the Integrated Reasoning, Quant, and Verbal sections. Do this test TIMED. Do the sections in a row. Keep the breaks down to 8 minutes. NO PAUSE BUTTON. NO CALCULATOR:)
  2. After finishing the test you’ll be taken to a review screen. Take a screenshot of every question in the Quant and Verbal sections including the review screen (the screen that gives you the global view of which questions you got wrong in each section).
  3. Create either a Dropbox folder or a google drive folder and share that folder with: info@AtlanticGMAT.com. Also include a screenshot of your score. DO NOT REVIEW/RE-DO your mistakes. You’ll be taking this test again down the road. Better to keep the material fresh.
  4. We will analyze the test considering the types of mistakes that you made, the scores in each section, and the overall score.
  5. There are no hard cut-offs but in general, for this class, we are looking for an overall score of 600+ or above with a tilt towards verbal in the percentiles.
  6. We will get back to you within a week to set-up a phone consultation.