Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #34

GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge

Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #34

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Economist Article

Economist Article: What quantum computers reveal about innovation


Paragraph Summaries

It is hard to choose one moment…

Quantum computing, or at least discussion of its theoretical possibility, has been around for 40 years,

Entering middle age…

Quantum computing is potentially becoming commercially viable — driven largely by venture capital — even if the technology is far from mature.

If those bets pay off…

The implications of a fully operational quantum computer would be revolutionary for numerous broad fields from chemistry and mathematics to engineering and finance.

The field’s progress is interesting for another reason…

In developing complex technology, every part of the process is important, not just the late-stage business portions. The biggest risks are taken early in development

The state can be one…

To date, world governments have invested billions of dollars in quantum computing research.

Other early work was done…

Early quantum breakthroughs were in the mid-90s at firms like IBM, and today Google and Microsoft are forerunners as well.

The trick for such…

Governments should be ruthless in hedging their bets with technology investments, if not more so than venture capitalists.

There are other lessons…

The development of quantum computing as a field has been the collective work of thousands of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers and has benefitted from progress in even broader fields — rather than the work a handful of individuals.

None of that…

Even if a small number of people may become the “business face” of quantum computing in the future, getting the technology ready has been a massive effort by a lot of people.

Primary Purpose

To underscore the amount of work required to mature a complex technology

Main Idea

Quantum computing is a complex and promising technology whose breakthroughs are due to the collective work and effort of world governments and thousands of experts.

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