Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #33

GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge

Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #33

Read the Economist to improve your GMAT Reading Comprehension! Need some tips on using these? Here are suggestions for reading the Economist articles.

Economist Article

Economist Article: Britain’s treasure-hunting hobbyists get professional


Paragraph Summaries

In a field next to his local pub…

This paragraph profiles a metal detecting hobbyist and some of the finds he uncovers in areas local to him.

Lockdown and the furlough scheme…

In the last few months, British metal detecting hobbyists with time on their hands have uncovered items of high historical and monetary value.

England provided fertile terrain…

Countries across Europe legally provide for payouts to detectorists that are generally favorable, and due to the light regulations the hobby has proliferated in the last five years.

This has prompted the establishment to take notice…

Metal detecting hobbyists tend to butt heads with academics and archaeologists, who can perceive amateur metal detectors as tampering with historical artifacts without proper care or protocol. Programs have been started to train detectorists to practice metal detecting responsibly.

Detectorists see attempts to professionalize them…

Many detectorists are against these training programs for reasons including that they perceive them to be a form of regulation and licensing.

Instead, they prefer to focus…

Detectorists are increasingly aiming to share knowledge internally to their community via live streaming and ticketed events.

Mr. Mahoney now wants to take…

The hobbyist from the first paragraph is assembling a team to help other hobbyists who believe they’ve made large discoveries.

Primary Purpose

To profile a growing group of individuals and their views.

Main Idea

The community of metal detecting hobbyists in the UK is actively growing and will continue to embrace its legal autonomy as it grows further.

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