Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #28

GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge

Economist GMAT Reading Comprehension Challenge #28

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Economist Article

Economist Article: When Theodore Roosevelt took on John Pierpont Morgan


Paragraph Summaries

Most authors might be content…

Berfield’s book highlights the story of how then-President Theodore Roosevelt and banker J.P. Morgan began an unlikely collaboration to end a crisis.

The story begins with the assassination…

The author draws examples and quotations to demonstrate the extent of the antagonism between Morgan and Roosevelt prior to and at the beginning of Roosevelt’s Presidency.

The book focuses on two linked events…

This paragraph gives the first of two events that put Morgan and Roosevelt in each other’s orbits and on opposite sides of an issue — when Roosevelt had used new anti-trust legislation to break up a railroad monopoly that Morgan had established.

Tales of hubristic tycoons…

This is the second event. During a coal miner strike that was poised to threaten New Yorkers’ livelihoods, Morgan and Roosevelt worked together to prevent the worst.

Not long ago, this description…

Berfield’s work has subtle implications that are arguably relevant to modern political discussions.

Primary Purpose

To highlight an unlikely historical relationship that has relevant modern implications.

Main Idea

Berfield’s book draws interest from recounting the story of two historical opponents-turned-collaborators and relevance from its applicability to the modern world.

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