I was having a hard time with the GMAT (I had taken this test several times before and fell short of the 700 mark), but with Andrew’s help, I was able to ace the exam. Andrew’s process was methodical and really worked for me. He didn’t try to go through every rule in the book and make you memorize all the formulas/grammer rules, but he picked key items and pinpointed where I needed help. He was the first GMAT tutor that I felt really cared about my progress and my score.

-Amy K. (Online Tutoring Student)

In June, I started to prepare with another tutoring agency for my test later that August. After not achieving the score I desired, I was referred to “censored” and was assigned Andrew as my tutor.  Andrew was able to work extremely well within my limited time frame. He adapted the direction of the sessions, and homework, to address the most needed areas of practice.  He worked to constantly refine our study plan depending on my areas of weakness, as opposed to simply following a pre-determined plan to cover the basic material.  During many of the sessions, he was able to quickly craft new additional practice questions to further test my understanding of a specific concept. After working with Andrew for two months, my score increased 140 points.

-Matthew M. (In person Tutoring in NYC)

Andrew was very organized and forced me to be organized not only in my studying but in my problem solving approach on the GMAT. He new everything about the resources available for GMAT preparation and he curated an efficient and effective syllabus for me. He did not just assign arbitrary practice but assigned questions that reinforced concepts that we had worked on in a session and targeted my weak areas.  When I took my GMAT exam I was very well prepared and there were no surprises. Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience (achieved my score goal) and would wholeheartedly recommend Andrew as a tutor.

-Michael R. (Online + In person Tutoring)

Prior to our first meeting, Andrew sourced several quality resources for practice questions. The most current edition of the Official Guide to the GMAT had only recently been released, yet Andrew had mapped each question and indexed their types (i.e. Verbal: Sentence Completion) as well as the themes at play therein (i.e. Pronoun Agreement). He prepared and shared with me a Google Document outlining daily assignments and actively encouraged me to complete assignments and to share my successes and frustrations through the shared document as often as I was able.  As a Master of Education with10-years if professional experience as a teacher, curriculum writer, activist, and professional development facilitator, I have worked directly with hundreds of teachers. I can say with authority that Andrew is an exceptional tutor whom I consider among the elite educators in the field.

Kevin E.  (Online + In Person Tutoring)

During the tutoring sessions, Andrew was willing to address the material that I was wrestling with and answered my questions clearly. His familiarity with the subject matter and his laid back personality made the tutoring sessions successful.   Outside of the tutoring sessions, he was readily available via email to answer questions and was flexible to accommodate my own schedule.  His guidance and support allowed me to my score over 200 points over a period of 6 weeks.  Andrew is without a doubt a reliable and valuable tutor.

Evelyn M.  (In person Tutoring)

To say that Andrew was a fantastic tutor would be an understatement. From our first meeting, he made it clear to me that he was completely dedicated to my success. He had more faith in me than I initially had in myself, and he harnessed my strengths all while maintaining his composure and professionalism.

Barbara W. (In Person Tutoring)