Last Minute Round 2 GMAT Studying

MBA round 2 deadlines are right around the corner and I’m sure that many prospective MBA candidates are still perfecting GMAT scores. It’s not easy to study under the gun. But, let’s remember: focus on quality and consistency. Avoid cramming. Avoid blasting through a million questions. Keep your studying productive! I just wrote an article for Poets and Quants on last minute R2 GMAT studying. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Give yourself as much time as possible
  3. Take two GMATs (if 7 weeks left after the 4th week and 7th week)
  4. If struggling on the quant forget the complicated stuff and go back to the fundamentals
  5. Whether verbal is a strength or a weakness focus on it as much or more than quant. It usually takes longer to improve and it’s massively helpful for your composite GMAT score
  6. Use LSAT for GMAT verbal improvement
  7. Don’t forget these GMAT resources that are great for the last few weeks of studying: GMAT Official Practice Questions, GMAT Focus, and GMAT Quant Review Quizzes
  8. Make a study schedule
  9. If you don’t have the score you need start planning for next year. Postponing could be better than settling