Need challenging quant quizzes for the last few weeks of GMAT studying? 
The Atlantic GMAT Review Packs are designed to put some polish on the end of your preparation or to give you a boost for a retake. I wrote these questions based on my experience having worked with this exam for the past ten+ years, solved every official question countless times, and taken ten official GMATs. These questions target concepts that I’ve noticed on Official GMATs that I haven’t seen in released material. They are not copies of unreleased GMAT questions. Please do not think you can memorize these questions and improve your score. That said, I’ve distilled a decade of working with official GMAT questions into these quizzes and think they’re pretty amazing for the final stretch or a GMAT retake.

Equally important are the explanations. Every question has an in depth video explanation.These are thought out, thorough, and aimed at orienting your GMAT thinking.

Keep in mind that these quizzes are packed with tough questions so if you’re scoring below a 40 on the quant: avoid for now.

Why not a question bank?

With GMAT tutoring we work with timed quizzes from day 1. Why not start working as you are going to on your GMAT? So it is with the review packs. Could this function well as a question bank or a PDF? Sure. But cranking through a question over a few days is much different than doing a timed quiz per day over a couple of weeks. Treating these as an event or a competition is a part of what makes them so effective. It’s not about slogging through 1000 questions. It’s about sharpening your test day skill and hopefully teaching you a few little things here and there.

Why are these only 12 questions long?

At least for people taking the GMAT for the first or potentially second time you have enough full Official GMAT practice tests. And for full practice tests stick to the official ones! Part of the motivation for creating these was to have challenging mixed practice for the weekdays during which you need smaller chunks of work (assuming you have a full time job). GMAT Focus is pretty good for this but even 24 questions/45 minutes is a pretty meaty assignment for a weekday considering that you also need to review those questions and potentially have a verbal assignment. Also, GMAT Focus is $80 for a set of three quizzes. Not cheap. Totally worth it in some cases but we usually use it for re-takes or re-re-takes. 12 questions felt right for a couple of reasons.

  1. It simulates the critical beginning of the exam that tends to set the stage for the rest of the test. If you can get in the zone for the first 12 questions and avoid making any big mistakes down the stretch it’s likely that you’ll earn a decent quant score.
  2. 24 minutes of quant is enough time to build up a sweat and challenge your focus.
  3. On average students can get through the quiz and review in about an hour about the maximum I’d want to assign on the quant side on a weekday.

How GMAT accurate are the question?

As accurate as possible without being actual GMAT questions or direct copies. In developing these I was extremely careful with wording, answer choices, content, and difficulty level.

How difficult are these questions?

These are as tough as the toughest questions a GMAT will throw at you. They are based on my experiences having taken 10 GMATs so considering that I’m generally scoring well on the quant I’m usually seeing rather challenging questions. However, I was very careful with difficulty level because it’s easy to write impossible questions. It’s not easy to right really challenging, puzzle-ey GMAT questions that are actually solvable relatively easily with the right approach. These questions are not difficult because of the calculations are difficult or labor intensive. They are difficult in a GMAT critical thinking kind of way.

How about content, will these help me review everything that I need to know?

Yes and no. it will help you review all of the critical thinking skills you need. That’s how these questions were designed. To work on your organizational skills. I also chose content that is very likely to appear and that most people would actually benefit from reviewing. I cut out as much fat and filler as possible to keep these lean and mean and focused on the type of practice that would benefit people aiming for mid 40s+ on the quant. I purposefully left out any content that I didn’t think would be valuable mostly because I am making the assumption that you already know it. There’s a limit to the amount that you can work on in a couple of weeks so I wanted to keep these quizzes focused on the best of the best providing the greatest possible chance at the greatest score increase.

What’s a good score on these?

Below 7 don’t sweat it. Again, these are based on my experience with the GMAT. Considering that I’m mostly scoring a 49 these questions are right up there difficulty-wise. The important thing is to review. Before the real deal it’s all about the workout. And that’s what these quizzes are for: to challenge you!

8/12 you’re quant is solid

9/12 you’re doing great.

10/12 10+ scores are rare.

11/12 you’re a GMAT quant monster

12/12 I can count these on one hand. Congrats.

Can I predict my GMAT Quant score based on these quizzes?

If you’re scoring 10+ consistently you’re likely 47+

Scoring below that is very tough to judge. These aren’t designed to be predictive. You could get 6/12 on most of these and still do very well on your GMAT. These quizzes are filled with the most difficult questions that you’ll see. Out of the 31 questions on your actual test these may be the representative of the 12 toughest questions you’ll see meaning the other 19 question will be easier. So even though you score 50% on those 12 you may score 90% on the rest adding up to a fantastic score. You’re not aiming for 100% on the GMAT quant. Most people are aiming for around 70%. Having analyzed dozens of enhanced score reports I can confidently say that you can get 30% wrong on the quant and still hit the high 40s.

Can I do these untimed?

These are meant to simulate the pressure you’ll feel on test day. It’s key to practice with time pressure. If you have special accommodations on the GMAT then just go ahead and run the quiz twice effectively doubling your time.

Why isn’t there a pause button?!!!!

Because we don’t want you to use the pause button. If there’s a pause button a good chunk of people use it. We want you to get the most out of these as possible. Take them in test conditions. Clear your schedule. Go to the bathroom. Have a sip of water. Have a bite to eat. Turn off your phone or anything else that beeps. Then: put your all into your GMAT HW!

Are there any technical requirements to use these?

We’ve thoroughly tested on Chrome. I’m sure you’ll also be fine on other browsers but if you have issues use the most recent version of chrome. You also need an internet connection. It doesn’t have to a powerful internet connection but if your connection is dropping in and out it’s possible that will cause problems.

. What you get:
-Access to 7×12 question timed quizzes (84 questions total) tailored to the last leg of your preparation or a retake.
-In depth video explanations for each question with a complete solution and additional tips, tricks, and general GMAT insight.

There are three different plans:

1 week access $29.99 Got a week to your test? These are great to blast through one per day. They’re challenging but lightweight (only 12 questions) and are designed to give you a fantastic review of all the main GMAT topics. Again, they are difficult so if your’e scoring below a 44 on the quant I wouldn’t tackle these in a week. I’d only suggest this if you’re 44+

2 week access $39.99 In our GMAT tutoring program we most often assign these over two weeks and most people will do well with this option. With the extra week you not only use the quizzes as tough practice but have the time to learn from the explanations. Doing a quiz every other day gives you an additional day to review and overall the extra week gives you more time to consolidate any new strategies.

4 week access $49.99 If your quant is in the low 40s you might want to spread these out a bit more and potentially run through them twice (or even three times). With 4 weeks you could do a quiz every other day and then repeat that so that you can make sure to consolidate all of the strategies from the explanations.