Study Reccomendations
The links below lead to each of the seven quizzes. There is a timed set and an untimed one. I would recommend doing these quizzes timed so that you can practice being disciplined with your time allocation. I added the untimed set just in case you have your own reasons for using your own timing. The only good one I can think of right now is if you have special timing on your actual GMAT. In this case do the untimed set but keep track of time on your own based on your specific guidelines. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than one quiz per day. Even if you bomb the first quiz do not be tempted to move on the second to try to redeem yourself. Focus on reviewing the first quiz. Don’t move forward until you are comfortable with all twelve questions on the previous quiz.

Timed (24 minutes per Quiz)
Review Pack 1
Review Pack 2
Review Pack 3
Review Pack 4
Review Pack 5
Review Pack 6
Review Pack 7

Untimed (not reccomended)
Review Pack 1 Untimed
Review Pack 2 Untimed
Review Pack 3 Untimed
Review Pack 4 Untimed
Review Pack 5 Untimed
Review Pack 6 Untimed
Review Pack 7 Untimed