In about a month of self-study Matt earned a 770 on the GMAT with a 50 on the quant and a 46 on the verbal, ringing in above the 99th percentile on his first attempt. It’s not a surprise that he has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Yale and is currently working in artificial intelligence.

Having spent 5 years in the trenches helping university students pass calculus, Matt is a steady, patient, and organized teacher certain to get your GMAT house in order. His laid back style makes it easy to learn from him.

Although a math whiz, Matt is just as comfortable helping with the most challenging GMAT quant as he is solidifying fundamentals. No slouch at verbal, he was the editor of The Yale Record, one of the oldest undergraduate publications in the country.




Recent Google Reviews:

“Matt helped me improve my score by 150 points! Atlantic’s content combined with Matt’s ability to explain difficult concepts and provide useful problem solving strategies made all the difference.”


“Matt was extremely positive and encouraging when I needed an extra boost, and his knowledge of quant topics is masterful, which is exactly what I needed to boost my score.”

-Manas (670 to 720)

In two months, Matt A. helped me increase my score by 100 points to reach my goal score! I had previously used a self-study course but it did not translate into an increased score or consistent results.


I had a wonderful experience with Atlantic GMAT! Matt was a great teacher and resource during my studying.


I worked with Matt over the course of almost three months and was able to achieve my “reach goal” score – from day one, the daily work and weekly lessons/check-ins helped me hone my abilities.


Matt, was incredibly personable and stuck with me over an extended journey to get me to a 730!!