Luke has been helping people demolish standardized tests since 2002. Initially focusing on the TOEFL and other English language related exams, Luke has spent the past 3 years focused exclusively on the GMAT logging over 2000 hours of tutoring and dozens of successful preparations.

In this time he has had remarkable success helping future MBAs boost their GMAT scores. Regardless of whether the goals are big or extra big, he looks at every new GMAT assignment as a collaboration in which he strives to provide incredible value through a customized and highly organized approach to tutoring.

Although he is an exceptionally empathetic and upbeat teacher, Luke has a 0% BS attitude and will push you to be your best.




Recent Google Reviews
“My work with Luke was completely different than the work I had previously done with my other tutor. Luke (and the Atlantic GMAT program) helped me understand the test in a brand new way.”


“Luke and Andrew went above and beyond to answer emails promptly and keep me on track”


I worked with Luke, and he was exceptional…and made the daunting task of studying a little less painful.”


“I had a great experience working with Luke. He is very well organized and always upbeat. “

– Henry

“I can confidently say I was only able to get my 700+ score because of Luciano’s encouragement and willingness to adapt the schedule as needed when things were especially out of balance.”

-NU (Anonymous Student)