Studying can be Toughest CLOSEST to your Goal

last push GMAT

Right when you are most prepared you are probably most exhausted as well

The last few reps at the gym. The last few inches of stretch in your pilates class. The last push in your GMAT prep. You’ve studied a soccer stadiums worth of content. Drilled. Drilled some more. And then again. Done practice tests. Taken official tests even. But you haven’t quite put it all together.


The time and energy dedicated to studying is really starting to wear on you. Doubt is creeping in.

As a GMAT tutor I see this often.


Because many people hire GMAT tutors nearer to the middle/end of the their preparation.


Because they get stuck or at least feel resistance and then look for a way forward. That’s totally fine. We are happy to help at any point and are well equipped to assist with this last, possibly painful, push to the finish line.

What is challenging about this scenario?

  1. We have fewer fresh official resources to work with
  2. We probably have fewer GMAT attempts left
  3. Admissions deadlines are right around the corner

But really, the toughest thing by far: lost appetite for GMAT studying. Lost confidence. There’s no spark. No excitement. Little enthusiasm for the challenge ahead.

It is a very difficult place to improve from.

This isn’t a GMAT tutor rant or any type of complaint. Getting you unstuck is our business.

This is a post to say: you can do this. you are closer than ever. now is the time to double down. to make use of everything that you have learned in your GMAT studies so far.

Especially if you are now investing in a tutor, let go of any past failures. Be open to what it is going to take to succeed on your exam.

It will take less time than you have invested so far but more effort

More than likely it will be less work going forward than what you have already put into this. But, it will almost certainly be more challenging because:

  1. The weight of what you’ve already can be a drag. You can minimize this to a workable level so that it doesn’t limit your potential.
  2. If you are working with and experienced tutor, that person will figure out your weaknesses and get you working on them. That isn’t easy. A true teacher will shine the light on any mental laziness or low quality work.

It is important to try to take the point of view that feeling this challenge is a GREAT thing because you have the opportunity to improve your level.

So what can you do to get out of this GMAT study hole?

1.Take a break. If you can take a week or two away (or three) from studying that can really refresh you and prepare you for the challenge ahead.

2. Remind yourself why you are doing this. It’s not about proving how well you can do on the GMAT. It is about getting into a great MBA program and just maybe getting some scholarship support. A few more months of concerted effort can move the needle tremendously. I mean game changing. Of course you can waste three months and have your GMAT score regress. Also possible. Though, if you are studying correctly and are willing to take multiple GMATs that is rather unlikely. 2-3 months of well organized GMAT prep can do wonders for your GMAT score and most importantly your MBA and future career opportunities. Let’s not fall asleep at the wheel!

3. Get some help. You don’t need to hire a tutor but find support to give you perspective and potentially help plan this, last, all important leg of your GMAT journey. Having someone else validate the work you are doing can help get some positivity back in the process. Having someone evaluate what you’ve done and what you need to do going forward can give you more confidence in investing the time and effort you will need to finish strong.

This stuff matters. Wake up and be proactive about this GMAT prep. Flip off the auto-pilot and start getting in control of this preparation.

You are making sacrifices. But let’s make those sacrifices worthwhile by earning a fantastic score and getting the most out of the work that you have already put in.

This isn’t forever. You will be done soon.

Let’s just keep pushing at this crucial point at which we are bringing it all together!

last push gmat finish strong

GMAT Retakes/The Last Push Make A Difference

I have seen so many people at first unwilling to do another round of studying or retake but then convinced and able to massively improve their prospects. I have many emails exclaiming: THANK YOU FOR CONVINCING ME TO KEEP GOING AND RETAKE!!!

I’ve said this a bunch of times in a variety of different ways in other posts but here goes again: ten years from now it won’t matter how long it took you to achieve our GMAT score. Or how many retakes. Or even whether you spent 2 grand or 7 grand.

What could matter is having achieved a great score that helped your application so that you had the best chance possible at admission to your top schools. It could also matter that you got a generous scholarship.

And you know what else: grit. That you had grit and you followed through even when it was tough. And kept making informed decisions about your future while exhausted, confused, and potentially demoralized. That matters more than anything. And that’s a badge of honor that you can keep forever.

This was meant to be a quick post that quickly got out of hand. I hope you found it helpful and that you are able to hit that reset button at the end of your preparation so you can give your all at the most important part of your adventures in GMAT land. Follow up with any questions (comment). Good luck with your GMAT!