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Looking for an extraordinary Online GMAT Tutor? (⇒ Now booking GMAT tutoring for January 2022).

We are GMAT tutors with: 

  • Years of experience teaching online
  • Thousands of hours of online GMAT tutoring logged
  • Hundreds of ecstatic clients at top MBA programs worldwide

Our GMAT tutoring program is built for working professionals and makes what is a complex task as simple as possible:

  • Every day of your studying planned: all HW assignments, review sessions, practice tests, official GMATs, and even potential retakes organized by an expert GMAT tutor specialized in online teaching.
  • Powerful but practical GMAT strategies to give you the best chance possible at success
  • Proprietary HW portal with unique GMAT and LSAT materials

That doesn’t mean easy.

We’ll hold you accountable to put in the brain power and sweat equity to earn a remarkable GMAT score.

We’ve helped countless MBA hopefuls reach their GMAT goals and it would be our pleasure to work with you on yours! Reach out with our GMAT tutoring consultation form and we’ll get back with a tutoring plan and an estimate of hours. Happy studies!

Why trust us?

-We’ve been helping our New York and worldwide clients reach incredible GMAT scores for over a decade. 

-Here are 97 5-star google reviews from some of our awesome tutoring students. 

-You can see our contributions on GMAT Club, Reddit, and Poets and Quants where Andrew Geller was the resident GMAT expert and is a contributing writer.

All the above sound great and ready to do this GMAT prep right?

(1) Fill us in on your GMAT studying so far (and your goals) using our GMAT consultation form.

(2) If we don’t have any follow up questions we’ll send over a detailed GMAT tutoring plan with an estimate of hours within 2 business days.

(3) If the plan is in the ballpark of what you’re looking for then we’ll set up a call to discuss the plan in depth, answer any questions, and see if we are a good fit

A few more details on things that have made the Online GMAT tutoring program successful:

  • All HW, practice tests, review sessions, official GMATs, and even official GMAT retakes. You don’t just get a blob of HW to slog through at your own pace. You get a thoughtful schedule tailored to your needs to get the most impact out of your studying.
  • The schedule also provides a way to record all of your results so we  can spot patterns and adjust course as needed. Also, if you’re not  getting work done it’s clear and we can intervene quickly to get you back on track so we can maintain a high quality preparation.
  • It’s not a generic classroom curriculum delivered 1:1 (what Veritas, Manhattan and most companies do). 
  • We don’t follow the Manhattan prep books (what many private tutors do). We have our own epic GMAT curriculum that I’ve developed over the past 10+ years of helping people crush the GMAT.
  • Because of this we can chart a very specific course for each individual client.
  •  If we need more basic practice, we have it. If we need a whole bunch of challenging quant to bombproof you for test day, we got it. 
  • We’re also big believers in improving verbal even if it’s a strength and have the firepower to enable that progress.We have a specialized LSAT for GMAT curriculum aimed at boosting GMAT verbal scores to the 99th percentile.
  • We teach a huge variety of people from New Yorkers with liberal arts backgrounds struggling with the GMAT Quant to Indian engineers who rock the Quant but find the GMAT reading comprehension rather difficult. 
  • Every GMAT tutor here at Atlantic enjoys taking on new challenges. Whatever your GMAT issues are we’ll figure out a creative way to help you achieve your GMAT and MBA goals. 
  • Years of refining and thousands of hours of work has resulted in a learning management system that pairs to our GMAT tutoring process.
  • From learning the basics to doing a super quant intensive ahead of your official GMAT we’ll have it all planned out for you.
  • We adjust the schedule based on results.
  • Our GMAT tutors are specifically trained to teach online and are fantastic communicators great at building rapport and trust which are essential to a great partnership.

Our process starts with a GMAT Tutoring ConsultationFill us in on your GMAT history/goals and we’ll assemble a GMAT tutoring plan for you.

Atlantic GMAT Tutoring FAQ

There are plenty of crappy online GMAT tutors and just as many crappy in person tutors. Put a low-rent GMAT tutor anywhere and you'll get a sub-standard experience. Hire a great GMAT tutor without a plan for how to conduct online sessions and you'll also end up behind the eight ball.

Tutoring online requires additional skills. That said, provided that you're working with a seasoned online tutoring pro, I don't think there's a better way to do your GMAT prep.

The convenience factor is huge and, again, the shared whiteboard and materials work tremendously well (at least in our system).

We've done tens of thousands of hours of successful online GMAT tutoring and would be happy to start a consultation process with you to see if we are a good fit. We usually to do the GMAT consultation using the tutoring platform so you can get a sense for it before committing to working together on your GMAT prep.

We’ve had many very positive tutoring experiences with students who had exhausted themselves with other companies and came to us for one last shot.

We really enjoy figuring out creative solutions to figure out what is going wrong.

At this point you need someone to take a close look at your problem solving approach and your test habits to figure out what you need to work on.  It is not about spinning your wheels doing a trillion practice questions.

It is about figuring out how to practice in the proper way and how to develop good habits to give you the confidence on test day.

If there is a way for you to improve your GMAT score I’d like to think that we will be able to find it.  This is why we do this job. Even if you have struggled in the past and feel like you have hit a wall there still could be options for you.  If we don’t think that we can help we will let you know.

But, if there is a way for you to better your GMAT score we’re going to think about every angle in order to find the way for you. Visit our GMAT tutoring consultations page if you want to discuss your specific situation in detail.

Most of the collaboration is based on screen sharing with a virtual whiteboard. So we can share materials and can work together on the screen. The shared white board allows your GMAT tutor to resize, copy/paste, clear the board all instantly so the work goes faster. Also we take screenshots of each stage of the lesson so you can review later on.

In addition we can pull from a vast vault of GMAT materials that we can reference throughout the session. All of our GMAT tutoring materials are online so we can also tap into those in addition to your error log which we keep in Google Docs.

This is another really common (understandably so) question. Most of our students do 12-18 hours of tutoring. That’s it?!!! Yep. We try to be as efficient as possible and get a lot of mileage out of just keeping your studying extremely organized. But to answer this for you we need to know where you are in your GMAT prep and where you want to go.

If you want fine-tuning after having studied on your own for 4 months you will probably need less time than someone who is starting from scratch.

If you are scoring 200 points below where you want to be then you should expect to spend a bunch of time with a GMAT tutor.

Everybody learns at their own pace.  Everybody has different goals.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with your specific situation and we would be happy to talk about where you are and where you want to be.


Atlantic GMAT. Done. Well… Maybe not quite done. 

Even if you end up here, it’s better to do some research so you can compare what we offer vs what other tutoring companies do.

Google “GMAT tutor” and make a list of the first three pages worth of tutoring companies.

Google “GMAT tutoring” and do the same thing.

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for referrals.

You may be thinking: that’s a lot to sift through!

With duplicates and obvious spam you should be able to cut down the list significantly.

Also, this could be a $5000+ investment and make a meaningful difference in your lifetime earnings and is worth investing in.


I would eliminate all the big companies right off the bat. Then I’d eliminate the classified ads sites (Wyzant, Varsity…).

With what you have left take a look at the websites and get a sense for what’s offered.

Eliminate anyone that is all fluff or that just doesn’t rub you the right way. It’s not important to have a fancy website but I would pay attention to the writing. Is it professional? Are these people really GMAT experts? Does it sound like they have a concrete offering or is it just going to be a GMAT study buddy? Who runs that company?

-Money back guarantees are a bad sign

-Free first sessions are a bad sign

-Unlimited tutoring for a flat fee is a bad sign

-Hourly rates that are much lower than average are a bad sign

I would look for companies that specialize in tutoring and the GMAT. Companies that have a years long track record. And preferably: companies that are run and managed by a GMAT expert.

Hopefully you’ve whittled it down to 3 or so.

Get in contact with some info about yourself including your GMAT history and your goals and ask for a tutoring plan so you have an idea of what the preparation would be like.

If the plan makes sense then have a call to discuss and ask questions.

Pick your favorite.

We hope to be on your list and have a chance to earn your trust.

Our focus will be on official GMAT questions retired from previous administrations of the test. Without exception, these should be the center of any GMAT program. I have traveled to distant corners of the physical and virtual world to get every single relevant piece of GMAT material in existence.

Over the years I have gathered obscure test prep materials and developed a system of getting the most bang for the buck from everything that is official so that our students have the most comprehensive preparation possible.

Our total question bank numbers 8000+ questions. You may not need all of those. We have them organized by topic and difficulty and assign based on you individual needs. If you’re amazing at verbal we have enough difficult verbal questions that we can keep you working at a high level for the duration of your prep. If you need a ton of basic quant to drill fundamentals we’ve got a huge pool of those to blast through.

That we have so many questions allows us to finely adjust your preparation and to keep you studying productively over a long period (if needed).

We also use a curated set of LSAT questions to fine tune your verbal as LSAT questions are high quality and more challenging than GMAT questions.

In addition, depending on your profile, we have a set of GRE quant questions that are great for learning the basic quant.

What you need for your online tutoring sessions is basically the same as what you need for any online meeting: a solid internet connection, a well functioning computer, headphones, a webcam, and a room.


Most moderately spec'd internet connections work just fine. No need for google fiber. But if you're tapping into your upstairs neighbor's internet connection and arranging the furniture to try to capture a signal then that may be an issue.

If you have a decent cell phone plan you can also tether to your phone. That generally functions as long as you have a strong signal. In extreme cases you can also dial-in to the session to take some stress off the connection and just use your internet connection for screen sharing.


You don't need any special software but ideally go ahead and create an account and download: zoom. We have a professional plan and it has all the options we need for online tutoring along with high quality audio and video. To connect to our sessions you'll just need to click on the session link which should then automatically connect you to the meeting room.

As back-ups we also use Google Hangouts and, if that fails, Skype. That said, 99.9% of online tutoring sessions are conducted with zoom. These other options are really an excess of caution to keep things running smoothly in all cases.


You'll need a well functioning computer. It doesn't have to be a 16 core Mac Pro but it should be dependable (not restarting and freezing intermittently).

We strongly recommend using headphones as they eliminate any issues with echoes or extraneous noise.

We generally have a webcam active because we find that it helps communication. We recommend that you also have a webcam. Non-verbal cues are helpful. That said, if you don't have a webcam, don't want to buy one, or just don't want it on for the session that's also fine. We've done plenty of successful online tutoring sessions without a webcam on the student's side.


Last thing but an important thing. Aim to have your sessions in a reasonably distraction free workspace. If someone needs to walk around in the background every once in a while or you can hear some traffic noise from the window that's all normal and AOK but avoid having your roommate binge re-watching Game of Thrones right next to you at full blast.