GMAT tutor assist from a v41 to v45?

GMAT Verbal Tutor Reddit Post

Can a GMAT tutor help push you from a verbal 41 to 45+?

Yes. We love perfecting verbal scores and have the firepower to do it. But…

A 41 is already a great score and a 45 is a near perfect score, already in the 99th%. So there isn’t much wiggle room there.

You are already excelling and it isn’t likely that you have many obvious deficits. Figuring out that exact thing holding you back from hitting a 99th% verbal score may not be simple and could take some time, even working with the best.

Most likely Not an Overhaul

Do we need to unpack and reorganize your entire verbal suitcase? Probably not. Still, I wouldn’t expect to resolve this in 1-2 weeks and would plan for about 5 weeks.

5 weeks!?


And even a couple of weeks on top of that would be to your advantage.

BTW: Here is the question about GMAT verbal tutoring on Reddit on which this post is based. It might be helpful to take a look for some background information.

Going from great to perfect verbal takes time…

  1. We need to chat through several topics (ones that tend to hit the mark with people already scoring in the 40s looking for more). For the most part these aren’t tricks and tips. They are in depth discussions to make sure you are aligned with what the test is looking for. We need to discuss and then you need to practice what we discuss. And then we need to review what you practiced to make sure that you are applying things 100%.
  2. Once we’ve worked on some strategy it is time to chomp through and review an extra challenging set of quizzes.
  3. Then, we may identify some issues that come out of the tough practice that we need to resolve.

This all takes a bit of time. Not forever but 5 or so weeks.

You could hit v45 tomorrow

Of course, it is possible that you could score a verbal 45 tomorrow with no additional practice. Or you might get there after 1 or 2 sessions of tutoring. And yes, there are some strategies that can really change the game very quickly and get you to that 45.

But, we are trying to have a high percentage chance of getting you to the goal not a lucky day. And in order to have a solid shot, we need time to evaluate you, teach you appropriate strategies, and then have you practice those strategies on your own.

Get the most our of our tutoring system by taking your time

We don’t want to discourage you from going for gold on verbal. In fact: do it! Let’s run up the scoreboard. You are clearly great at verbal and let’s take advantage of that.

If you are in the low 700s now and with a verbal boost can get to the mid 700s that puts you above the median at every MBA program and could give you and edge in admissions and potentially open the door to scholarships.

The score is also great for job applications post MBA.

So, we are all for making a great verbal score perfect.

This whole post is just to make sure that we are on the same page in terms of the work that it might take to make it likely that you will see a healthy improvement and get the most out of our service which with our huge bank of practice questions and stellar way of organizing things can provide a ton of value for the dedicated studier.

Maybe there is some room to help on quant?

The other thing: while you are paying to be a part our amazing tutoring system, you might want to take advantage of some of our fantastic quant curriculum. Perhaps not quant tutoring, but we could assign you extra challenging quant work to make sure you are super sharp for test day. Of course, eyes on the prize. And if it looks like verbal is what needs to improve in order to have the best possible score then we will make that the focus. But, I would suggest keeping an open mind and giving our tutoring recommendations a good think before deciding on the way forward.

If you would like to learn more about the tutoring program and how we might work together on your GMAT go ahead and reach out using our GMAT consultations form. You can also find a ton of information about the program on our tutoring home page.

Happy studies and good luck!