GMAT Retake Class for Round 2, 2017

When: Sundays Oct. 8th-29th or Nov. 5th-26th 1-2:30pm EST   Cost: $950   Class Size: 10 (max)   Format: Online (GTM)

The class will provide you with the platform to get from “good shape” to “olympic condition” featuring the same custom GMAT schedule from our private tutoring program with every HW assignment, practice test, and review session planned until your retake. We designed the curriculum to give you maximum force for that final push before applications are due.

What do you get?

-Up to 6 weeks of daily GMAT planning

-Access to our one-of-a-kind collection of GMAT materials

-4 classes with a blend of the best of the best from the tutoring program and lessons based on your HW progress.

Who’s it for?

-GMAT veterans who need to put some polish on their preparation between retakes. If you’ve clearly demonstrated over multiple official practice tests that you can achieve your goal but just didn’t have a great test day then this is an excellent option for preparing between GMAT retakes.

-Anyone looking to turbo boost the end of their GMAT preparation (within about 30 points of your goal).

What about the materials?

The HW will focus mostly on official GMAT questions most of which should be new to you even if you’ve done everything from the store. The balance will be made up of extra tough LSAT verbal questions and a set of quant quizzes that I’ve written based on my experience with the GMAT representing question types that aren’t in the official materials.

Any requirements?

There’s no minimum score required but the class and HW will be on the tougher side of the spectrum leaning towards students aiming for high 600s/700+. In that spirit, we’ll be assembling groups with similar goals/strengths so the classes run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Again, keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive, start from scratch, throw everything but the kitchen sink, GMAT class. It is a specialty course for providing the best possible materials, organization, and guidance for retaking your test.

How do I sign up?

Send an email to with:

(1) A short description of your preparation so far (Did you take a class/do tutoring? What materials have you used?)

(2) The scores on your last three GMATs (official tests or official practice tests) with Quant/Verbal breakdown. Please let us know if any of the official practice tests were retakes so we have the right context for the scores.

(3) Your score goal.

(4) Class preference (October or November).

After that we’ll set up a call so that we can answer any questions, discuss the class in more detail, and see if this is a good fit.

Teacher: Andrew Geller

Cost: $950

Class Size: 10 (max)

Class Schedule:

1 week pre-class work

Class 1: October 8th 1-230pm

Class 2: October 15th 1-230pm

Class 3: October 22nd 1-230pm

Class 4: October 29th 1-230pm

1 week pre-class work

Class 1: November 5th 1-230pm

Class 2: November 12th 1-230pm

Class 3: November 19th 1-230pm

Class 4: November 26th 1-230pm

HW Expectations:

2hrs per weekday with Fridays off.

4hrs per weekend day.

Why not do tutoring?
You can. But if you have the right profile for the small group then it is a cheaper way to achieve similar results. Tutoring would be $1620. If you have a tough schedule and can’t commit to the consistency of the class then tutoring is a great option.

What if I miss a session?
I’ll do my best to support you in catching up but there are no make up sessions.

What about a refund?

Unfortunately we have to be strict on this. The retake class has to be pre-paid and is non-refundable.

What are the prerequisites for the class?

This is for people who have already done a full preparation but need an extra push. We will not be covering the full spectrum of GMAT minutia. These would be good benchmarks:

(1) You’ve taken an official GMAT and scored within 50 points of your goal.

(2) You’ve demonstrated on official practice tests that you are within 30 points of your goal.

What’s included?
A custom GMAT schedule with every HW assignment, review session, and practice test planned until test day. Our LSAT for GMAT curriculum. A big bank of official GMAT questions.

How will the classes be structured?
Atlantic GMAT private tutoring is generally lesson based as opposed to QA tutoring. Nearer to the end of tutoring and certainly for a retake there is less major content to cover and so the lessons are drawn from questions from the previous week’s HW. The re-take class sessions will be similar to these later tutoring sessions in that there will be fixed content for every session and a portion built from mistakes made on the previous week’s HW.