Looking for a GMAT Math Tutor?

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If you want more details on what an Atlantic GMAT math tutor can do for you then read on!

Details on GMAT Math Tutoring

We’ve spent the better part of the past decade refining our GMAT math tutoring system to be the best of the best.

We will train you to think in a way that will lead you to be a better GMAT problem solver and provide you with amazing, extra tough, practice to refine your skills.

Atlantic GMAT Math Tutors

Every Atlantic GMAT tutor has taken the GMAT multiple times (I’ve been in the hot seat 9 times!) and knows what it takes to succeed on this exam.

-Your preparation starts by us analyzing your GMAT study history/test scores so we can create an in depth tutoring plan that lays out the main steps that we think we’ll need to take in order to achieve your goals. The planning goes all the way through potential retake scenarios and includes an estimate of hours. Here’s the form to request a GMAT tutoring plan and an estimate of hours.

-We offer Lesson based tutoring sessions (not lame HW QA). Every session has a purpose and builds on what we’ve worked on previously. Our GMAT quant tutoring program hits all the important details but also aims for a big picture understanding of how to succeed as a problem solver.

Our curriculum was developed based on my GMAT study habits when I prepared for the exam. I refined those lessons over thousands of hours of teaching to become the Atlantic GMAT quant tutoring curriculum. Our approach is powerful because it’s practical (developed in the field not by a bunch of people sitting around a conference room).

-We’ll teach you the basic GMAT math content but more importantly we’ll address how to think and structure your workflow to consistently generate success on this test.

-We have what is probably the largest and best organized question bank of Official GMAT questions including rare and out of print resources. You’ll have the best possible material to practice on and even if you’ve studied for a while we’ll probably have resources that you haven’t used.

We will organize every single day of your GMAT studying with a custom daily HW schedule and push you to stick to the habits that will give you the best possible chance at a killer quant score. Expect HW checkin emails if you miss an assignment!

For details on the tutoring program head over to the main GMAT tutoring page.

Doing Only Math Tutoring (no verbal)

It’s not uncommon for a potential tutoring student to request only math tutoring. Many people feel more anxious about the quant and so naturally want the tutoring to focus squarely on the math side of things.

That’s understandable but often not in their best interest.

-Most people overestimate their verbal strength

-GMAT verbal is generally more challenging to improve than the quant

Even if you really are a verbal master you can get better. And those extra couple of points on the verbal side can make all the difference on the composite score.

Do we force you to do GMAT verbal tutoring?

Depends. If based on your profile it makes sense to do verbal we will incorporate it into the tutoring plan. We can discuss that plan and adjust it but for the most part we don’t take on work unless we think there’s a good chance of success. And if we feel that verbal work is an important part of the success then we’ll need it to be a part of the preparation if we are to move forward.

That said, if you’re great at verbal we may spend little or no session time on it. Eh??? We have a stellar way of organizing your HW. So if it looks like you don’t need verbal lessons but just practice we’ll set up a HW schedule tailored to what you need incorporating our awesome materials.

Most often, for people with strong verbal scores we assign our LSAT for GMAT curriculum (Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning) as an organized self-study but address some high value sentence correction topics in sessions. It’s almost always the case that even with people who are excelling at sentence correction that we can get things better organized.

If you’d like to learn more about the program and see how we might work together on your GMAT then send over your GMAT history here and then we’ll get back with an in depth plan to help you conquer GMAT math!

We’ve helped countless GMAT hopefuls achieve their goals and would be happy to work with you on yours!