Cure for Test Day Quant Drop: The Super Intensive

It’s super common amongst GMAT hopefuls and, honestly, our GMAT tutoring students to experience test day quant drop syndrome.

It happens on verbal too but most often it’s the math. We guard against that as much as we can while balancing study burnout but sometimes we just need to get I N T E N S E.

So we developed our GMAT Quant SUPER Intensive. It’s something that I started doing while an independent GMAT tutor in NYC improving my game aiming for a perfect GMAT score and then refined for our tutoring curriculum.

Basic idea: crush your soul with some bone rattling practice. You really only want to do this if your quant is pretty decent already, say 45+ or so, and you’re drooping in the spotlight of a live test.

Here are the details in our MBA Round 2 GMAT Action Plan. Just scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find the instructions for the GMAT Quant Super Intensive.

Happy studies!