We have a strong track record of successful online GMAT preparation (most of our google reviews from the past several years are from online sessions). There are many opinions out there about online vs in person GMAT tutoring. Here's mine: The most important thing is that you work with a teacher that you are comfortable with and a system that makes sense to you. A few things that are great about online GMAT prep:

1.  The virtual white board!  I wish that I had a virtual white board when teaching classes or private tutoring.  I wish that I could erase the entire board with a click or take a screen shot and send it to students.  This is a big time saver and lets my students take away formulas, diagrams, and examples from the session.

2.  Screen capture.  You can record the online GMAT prep sessions and go back to them later in case you missed something.  You can rework all of the practice that we do together step by step at your own pace. This a great feature of online GMAT prep.

3.  Shared resources/Shared screen.  When doing online GMAT prep I can share any resources from my computer with you and vice versa.  Of course we can share a book or both look at the same computer/ipad screen in an in-person session but each having our own screen does make things a bit smoother.

4.  Online GMAT prep is efficient.  No travel time (This can really add up). You can log-in from anywhere with an internet connection. So even if you take a business trip we can keep moving forward with your GMAT preparation.

Obviously I think that online GMAT prep is a pretty good thing. Do I think online GMAT prep is better than an in-person GMAT session? Yep. The results are as good and it's more efficient. That said, I would focus on finding the best teacher/program and not worry about online v. in person.

What makes online GMAT prep go smoothly:

1.  A solid internet connection using an Ethernet cable rather than a wireless connection. You can use www.speedtest.com to check your internet connection. You can also do a Gotomeeting test session.

2.  A headphone/microphone combo makes your sound much clearer and keeps out extra noise. Make sure that it is compatible with your computer (there are USB sets which work pretty well).

3.  Downloading and testing the video conference software before the session. Some video conference software gets grumpy if you have any other software using your audio or video on your computer so shut down itunes, google chat...

We have an excellent track record with online GMAT preparation. If you are thinking about doing online tutoring but are a bit unsure if it is for you then send over a note and we can figure out the best way to move forward.

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