A survey was conducted to determine the popularity of 3 foods among students. The data collected from 75 students are summarized as below

48 like Pizza
45 like Hoagies
58 like tacos
28 like pizza and hoagies
37 like hoagies and tacos
40 like pizza and tacos
25 like all three food

What is the number of students who like none or only one of the foods?

(A) 4
(B) 16
(C) 17
(D) 20
(E) 23

GMAT Question of the Day - Problem Solving - Overlapping Sets

A certain farmer has a field with 105 tomato plants that have genes from at least one of three varieties of tomato: Green Tomatoes, Red Tomatoes, and Purple Tomatoes. 19 of the plants have red and green genes, 17 of the plants have red and purple genes and 14 of the plants have green and purple genes. If 10 of the plants have all three types of genes then how many have only one type of gene?

A. 45

B. 55

C. 60

D. 65

E. 75


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