The Executive Assessment is a relatively new test for admission to Executive MBA programs worldwide. Because it is so fresh there are a lot of questions out there regarding the test format, questions, scoring, difficulty level, how it compares to the GMAT and GRE, and many others. We're starting an Executive Assessment FAQ right here

A quick comparison of the new Executive Assessment and the GMAT updated for 2020

The title says it all. GMAC has blindsided us with a fresh set of tough GMAT questions. Though they are a great study resource, the official guides have always been a bit tight with the top shelf questions. And with every new GMAT official guide the new questions have tended to be heavily tilted towards easy/medium. Well. 300 new challenging questions! Nothing to complain about here...Yet. We've put our order in and will be reviewing the GMAT Official Advanced Questions shortly. If you're taking your GMAT soon I'd just go ahead and order it. It's highly likely that this guide will be a helpful resource. Here's a link to the new advanced official guide. Here's the official advanced questions ebook in case you were looking.

Keeping up with our GMAT duties we have the new GMAT Official Guide 2020. No surprise, it's very similar to the OG2019, OG2018 and so on. Just looking around the online question bank, which is helpful, I noticed that you have a calculator on offer for all of the sections.



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